Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rear Window

What do you get when you look out your window?

Never actually asked myself that since for years I've always been the guy with the unenviable rear window. Made sense since as a younger kid, I usually took the back room which inevitably faced the alley. Not much of a view, I'm afraid, apart from staring directly at the closed window shutters of the house behind. Or else at the stray cats fussily picking on the leftover garbage tossed out the back.

Fortunately no mysterious murders with shockingly silhouetted scenes of bloodied stabbings or even hastily disposed bodies carried furtively through the back door. Certainly wouldn't want to know what everyone else did last summer.

Fortunately these days I've graduated from all that with an enviable view of the street from my pseudo-balcony. Even have the view of several trees offering shade.

Ah, you're the perv watching me!

Given me a whole new hobby these days turning me into one of those busybody snoopy neighbours you see only on Desperate Housewives. Not that I have a gorgeous built stud offering me man-candy pay-per-view directly opposite ( that's the young hunk next door ) but it's interesting watching poignant little vignettes of life playing just outside my window, even as I type this.

Good fellas making plans for later that night, talking about it at the porch while they rev their pimp mobiles in anticipation. Tired housewives brushing their hair at the dressing table while counting the mind-boggling number of chores still left undone. The exhausted partner desperately slapping himself awake to keep up with the latest sports scores even as the remote dangles off his hand.

And me, the semi-conscious physician, keeping watch as the world goes by.


Alex said...

Fuck!!! Blogger had an error or something and my comment got lost :(

Well, here's the condensed version I suppose.

My window has great view except I don't see anything about true life, unless what you consider true life is the neighbors' daughter being a slut or the other neighbors' daughter being a drunk. Or the twin jerks do everything in their power to wake up the entire street at 4 A.M. and it is sad no one says anything because in this circle, complaining to someone else about their children would "hurt their social image". And it would, Mexican "high society" is a bottle of snakes waiting to be released upon you.

And then I ranted about the daughters hitting on me even though I've clearly stated I'm gay and that I don't understand why women have this natural tendency to try to turn us to the evil side once they find out they can't have us.

And then I said I'm not a prude, don't get me wrong, I'm pretty wild but I wouldn't want my parents to see me crawling drunk in front of their house like the other people my age in my street do.

And I forgot what else I said so... :P

Love your blog!


closetalk said...

right now, the view from my window.... an oooold textile mill in the heart of bombay. and no, NO hotties in overalls. shucks.

Stephen said...

I see trees, birds and squirrels mostly. I don't really live in such a rural area, I'm just lucky that my house has a good location with a nice view.

Mind you I'd swap it for a view of a hunk next door :)

xoussef said...

the view from my balcony :p

jase said...

window view? well.. I have seen many eye candies as well.. I think i'm going to need binoculars to have a better view. Unfortunately, I have to stand at the kitchen window to oggle.. :p

William said...

Always wished some eye candy would mosey up to the window in just a towel, dripping wet.... but it's not to be...

savante said...

What an interesting view of Mexican life, alex :)

Old textile mill? Sure, you don't have a hunky labourer or two, closetalk?

Nah, no birds and squirrels now. Had that menagerie when I was in the university dorm though, stephen.

You have an amazing view, xoussef.

Stand at the kitchen window? What does that face, jase?

Just wait a little while longer and you might get your wish, william :P