Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Wasabi Covenant

Speak to us of the future!

At the stroke of midnight, four men gather at the edge of a pool, the stillness of the pool acting like a mirror to reflect the mesmerizing glow of a full moon. The deadly thrum of an ancient tribal beat breaks the silence of the night. Oblivious to the music, the eldest stands in a cloak of glittering black with his devil-eyes seemingly focused on a glowing ebony ball, muttering vague portents of the future - while the other members of the coven listen on intently, hands desperately clutching their vials of sacrificial wine.

Not forgetting their wasabi-laced nuts.

Far from being the arcane setting of a supernatural thriller, that pool's in a sky bar, the four are slightly soused with cocktails and all are staring into a magic 8-ball for answers to the mysteries of life.

Made of Honour!
Staring incredulously at the Magic 8-Ball!

For some obscure reason, my eminently practical sister-in-law handed Charming Calvin the magic 8-ball as a present. Not clear the reasons why - unless it's quite obvious to all ( except me! ) that Calvin's wrestling with some pretty heavy questions that only the ball could answer! Bet he stared at the gift for a few minutes wondering just WTF.

Fortunately he brought the magic 8-ball along for supper though - since Zany Zinedine had frantic questions aplenty after getting past his first traumatic break-up over sashimi and green tea. He always did love things Japanese. Though I think the sushi store will never be quite as zen after that particular blow-up.

So we knew we had to get Zinedine partially sloshed. After all, what better way to cure a broken heart than with cocktails, nuts and fortune-telling?

And rebound sex.

Paul : The Ball sees all! Will Zinedine lost his precious V-Card in the next three months?
Zinedine : WTF!
Paul : Hmmm... the Magic 8-Ball says doubtful.
Zinedine : WTF!

BTW Looks like Charming Calvin will be getting an apartment here and I have to find a maid.

At least according to the Magic 8 Ball.


Fable Frog said...

can we even trust that black round thing? haha... but it is kinda' entertainin', i must say~

Juz said...


the covenant..
down to the magic 8 ball..

cool guys i say..

Superboy said...

Magic 8 ball! You'll love this game 20 Questions:


Darren said...

What is magic 8 ball?

savante said...

It's a magical ball, fable frog! You gotta believe!

Kewl! Where have you been, juz! WRite it up!

Will try it out, superboy.

It's cute ball that tells the future. Not kidding, darren :P


khalel said...

a CUTE Ball that tells the future...? Hmmmmm... got to have that too paul. :p