Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Breakin Dishes

For a group of youthful fellas ( at least younger than me! ) supposedly full of vim and vigor, these lot I've come with seem surprisingly sapped of energy :) Why else would I wake up at 8 in the morning only to find myself alone at the breakfast table?

Sigh. They don't make boys the way they used to :)

Still the lot found themselves wanting to go the touristy route visiting the klongs, temples and palaces, so I opted out for the day. After all, I have vague misty memories of doing the Bangkok city tour years back when I was a tween. So while they paid homage to Lord Buddha at his temples, I made a solo pilgrimage to my own marble halls of worship.

The shopping malls.

With my credit card as an offering to the supreme tai tai of shopaholics. Providentially Bangkok was having a city-wide sale celebrating the gods of retail.

Family meetings

Seeing that I was going to walk the shopping mile, I made a call to meet my cousin for a leisurely lunch. Fortunately the coach ( a nick I named my cousin the teacher ) returned my call just as I was about to make an imprudent decision regarding several costly shirts at Ted Baker.

Met a chic Greyhound cafe where I handed him some souvenirs from back home while he gave me a respectful wai. The coach hasn't changed much - possibly bulked up a lil in view of his time teaching sports. Sweet boy that he is, I always remember him as a 6 year old in blue shorts - certainly not a strapping twenty-something.

Shocked him with the sinful number of shopping bags clustered around me but he managed to find his tongue after a while. Stuttering in his accented English, he regaled me with some horrific tales about the family over there - turns out the estranged kids do get together once in a blue moon.

No breaking dishes fortunately.

Coach : Cousin Bee lost her job again.
Paul : As long as she's not going out with the sleazy pad thai noodle seller again.
Coach : I hear they are going out again.
Paul : Pray to god I don't hear of Bee selling her wares in Patpong.
Coach : No no. She won't do such a thing.
Paul : She had better not! Far from a thai beauty, she'd probably have to resort to offering discounts.

Fortunately that bit of snarkiness was too much of a stretch for his limited English and when the coach asked for an explanation, I just shook my head with a smile. No need to corrupt the innocent.

Especially when there are many other cute go-go boys I could corrupt in Bangkok. :)

Though I'm sure he can already tell what mischief I've been up to. Bet the coach suspects I'm a raging homo though since I almost twisted my neck trying to catch sight of the luscious man-candies strolling by.


Ryan said...

Oh, is the "Coach" cute? Available? Come on, introduce to me. I might get a free accommodation if I were to go Bangkok in the future?! LOL...

Fable Frog said...

Well, i see a Rihanna pattern. hehe anyway, you went solo just so you can break your credit limit? Wah! wat u bought? what u bought? did you steal your solo time to visit some sleazy place for, "you know what" before meeting the coach? hmm?

savante said...

Not sure. Never looked at my cousin that way, ryan. But ask me about my second cousins and I could tell ya :P

Finally! Someone noticed the Rihanna bit. Knew it would be you, froggie :)


Jamie said...

Hurt your neck? Perfect excuse for a 'massage'! *Nudge nudge, wink wink!*

Superboy said...

I love the abs of the guy on your post. Subtlety. Yum.

William said...

How come I don't have hunky relatives?

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