Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good Girl Gone Bad

Seems like we've been planning this trip for ages - well perhaps more of Jaunty Jared and the gang since I wasn't all that enthused - started on a whim when someone mentioned cheap tickets way back when. In fact so long ago that I've almost forgotten all about it in the endless rush. Needed a message on my calendar to remind me about the trip.

And yet here I am right now. Blogging to you from the Land of Smiles again!

Finding gems deep in the urban detritus of Bangkok

Much to everyone's surprise, we managed to get the entire boisterous gang into the plane in time without leaving someone streaking desperately down the tarmac with feather boa in tow. After all, our gang's notorious for tardiness.

Got separated during the seating of course but it didn't stop us from communicating throughout the flight supposedly sotto voce. Surprised we didn't get bumped off. Then again, we no doubt discomfited the other passengers with our extreme loud X-rated chatter - not helped much by the fact that Jared had somehow picked up an authentic thai accent along the way ( aided by the help of a guidebook he'd purchased ). If I didn't know better, I could have sworn he'd been brought up as a kid in the lush paddy fields along the banks of the Chao Phraya.

Which is how he managed to talk a taxi driver into bringing us into the city on the cheap. Still Jared found that he had to make a token gripe about the steep prices from the airport. Of course I managed to shut him up with a misplaced snog - much to the green-eyed Lanky Lex's consternation.

Left it all to our efficient Jared to handle the details of the trip - though I must admit we forgot to factor in his penchant for finding the oddest places. Holes in the wall, I call 'em. God only knows how he ever managed to find this peculiarly situated bed & breakfast in Silom. But then again, seeing as we're all gay men, I bet they wouldn't want to be all that far from the action.

Then again, look who's talking. Darlin, the boys in Bangkok have never looked better.

And hey, guess what... I do have a single queen size bed to myself tonight :)


luke! said...

weelllll......have a good time then. and hopefully noone will be left behind for anything!
btw, it's my first visit to the blog since more than 2 weeks ago, and i must say that it's a very very good change! :D hehehe.... the-james-mcavoy thing i mean. so, is he the new guy in your mind now? or do you still adore that fantastic for guy?!

Perky said...

everyone seems to be going to bangkok particularly this month. Hehehe... if you were to go next week, we might just bump into each other there ;)

Ryan said...

Oh you better keep blogging every day from there! I expect the juicy bedtime stories!

Fable Frog said...

i agree with Ryan~ we expect queen sized bedtime stories~ the juicier the better! ;) enjoy your trip~

Silencer said...

hope u enjoy ur trip. william there too?

Glog said...

Well, facebook did suggest that you guys are having a good time...
Pls say hi to the gang...
Have fun...

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savante said...

Good change, luke? AH, you mean the banner!

That would be great fun, perky. Imagine the hijinks we could get up to.

Well you're seeing my blogging right now, ryan.

Hardly. I'm a good boy, frog.

Yeah, will's along for the ride, silencer.

Seriously fun time, glog.

Will take a look eyecandy :)