Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bad Babes and Bye-bye Bullets

At the very core, men are primarily beasts. Centuries of civilization might have tamed the wild creature with the superficial trappings of culture and sophistication - but peel the surprisingly thin veneer and you'd still find that raw savagery just underneath the surface.

Certainly an unimaginable lust for bloodshed.

Hence the immense popularity of gladiator arenas, rugby sports - and yes, shoot-em-up action movies. Been watching movies almost constantly this past week. From the hilarious antics of bumbling secret agents to the vicious stratagems of secret assassins. Not sure why but I find myself preferring the former :)

Though I won't deny the seductive allure of being part of an ancient band of assassins capable of sending a goodbye bullet hurtling through the air - and then impossibly swerving around an obstruction to hit the target. The ultimate curveball.

And that's not counting shooting the wings of flies.

At least that's what the bad boys ( and gal ) of Wanted would have you to believe.

James McAvoy taking a breather

Certainly it's a dripping wet dream thousands of overworked, underpaid office drones would want to believe. Salaried average joes who fantasize about stepping out of the dull monotony of everyday life into a dangerous world where big guns, bad babes and bye-bye bullets rule. And oh yeah, where your dad just happens to be part of a clandestine pack of super-assassins called the Fraternity.

Kill one. Save a thousand.

All seen through the dazzlingly blue eyes of Wesley Gibson - played by the delicious James McAvoy. Or at least delicious after stepping out half-naked and dripping from a rejuvenating pool! Wonder exactly what they put inside that pool. I could certainly use that hot bath.

Wouldn't mind dating Wesley either.

Paul : What awfully slow service, Wesley.
Wesley : Give me a moment. I'll check with the waiters.
Paul : Be polite, Wes.
Wesley. Of course.

[ insert chaotic moment at the counter as guns are pulled out, faces are bashed into tables and ignorant waiters catapult out of the restaurant windows ]

Paul : Nice. New move?
Wesley : Thanks. Been practising.
Paul : My beef carpaccio coming soon?
Wesley : Yeah, they said they'd work on it.
Paul : You've got some brain on your shirt. Let me get that for you.

I don't always have to be the wicked one, you know.

Despite the extreme ( and occasionally unforgiveable ) violence of the movie with dozens getting their brains blown out in a bloody spatter, there is a recurrent theme about wresting back control of your life which would surely play well to the wish-fulfillment fantasies of beaten-down pathetic sheep everywhere. Snapping back at that manipulative office bitch. Beating down the guy who stole your girlfriend. Walking out of that dead-end job.

Jaunty Jared and Strapping Shane enthusiastically applauded the overwhelmingly gratuitous violence which had me looking askance at them. For me, I love the Goodbye Bullet. Certainly the best way to end a relationship if you ask me. :)


Jamie said...

If James McAvoy in Wanted merits a banner, I fully expect a Daniel Craig one when the next Bond film comes out!!

(Also, why is McAvoy clothed in your banner?? Why, Paul, why???)

savante said...

Well the kewlness of his pose in the poster merited a banner! And why is he clothed, Jamie? He's barely naked in the movie!

Perky said...

I just saw this last Sunday. Damn cool movie!! Took me a while to accept the idea of bullets bending but this is one movie I don't mind watching over & over again :)

Sam said...

Jamie: Hit me up for a Daniel Craig banner (yes, I'm the one who's always changing Paul's banner :P) when Quantum of Solace comes out. :P

Savante: McAvoy was stunningly cute in this one yes (thank heavens I see no evidence of Mr Tumnus). :P

But who I liked better was Cross. :D

Sam said...

You forget I LOVED Sweeney Todd, dear brother. :P

dazedblu* said...

geez, i love the movie it's pretty damn thing good! and btw it'll be kewl too if someone is lying down in tht little space underneath James McAvoy :d [winks]

RPMnut said...

I think that space is perfect for a 47DD.
Oh lookie. That's my size. *snigger*

Janvier said...

McAvoy's never meant to look buffed up. :P

See Children of Dune instead of Narnia lah.

Alex said...

Nice cool effects ok.... i just watch for the cool cg.

Darren said...

I want to watch but only coz Angie is in it.

savante said...

Unbelievable but still a cool concept, perky!

Won't deny that Cross was kinda cute. Wish he had more screen time rather than appearing in flashes, sam.

You're giving me ideas, dazedblu :)

You'd have to wrestle me for that lil space, rpmnut :P I'm small but mean.

You won't see me complaining, janvier :)

Not for James, alex and darren?!