Friday, July 11, 2008

Fair Game

Would you poach on a married man?

I can already hear the aghast screams in the background signifying disbelief at such a depraved notion. Well, let me put it another way - how about a man already in a relationship?

Any takers? Still a no?

Excuse me, kind sir. Before you ravish me in heated passion, could you possibly tell me if you're engaged to be married?

Well, it does seem like I'm quite the unscrupulous immoral fellow when it comes to inadvertent boyfriend-stealing. Not that I'm involved in the matter! But when Lissome Lorelei found herself nearly falling into just such a tricky triangle, I just couldn't help myself from giving her that last shove.

Of course all her lil angels ( halos all around! ) around her keep telling her to say no to helping infidelity. Does that make me the Devil's willing errand boy himself?

Lorelei : But he has a girlfriend! Or at least that's what they claim.
Paul : Not married.
Lorelei : Well he never told me has a girlfriend. But wtf does it mean when a guy replies how do you define a relationship?
Paul : Not married. And searching. Possibly interested.

For me, obviously the point is he's not married :P And even then I might still weight the pros and cons.

God, I AM unprincipled.

Something tells me that I might have been a cheating mistress in a past life.

Not sure why but I've always thought that it takes two to end a relationship - certainly not the much maligned third person. Eventhough the third person might be the proverbial seductive temptress of ancient times, I doubt the committed relationship would flounder and sink at the irresistible call of the bewitching siren if it sailed on clear, open waters.

Let's face it, that usually only happens with relationships obviously close to breaking point - otherwise such small niggling tdoubts wouldn't surface to split them up. Sure that third person might be guilty of adding that last straw but hey, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

After all, all's fair in love and war. :)


__S.B__ said...

if the married man was ok with it and loks are ok, (meaning fuckabull)
i would but only if your single and there are not set backs

Glog said...

Married men are only for the spouse... You don't wanna share right?

Emma Frost said...

Hey Paul whatever happened to Barry? Seems like there's no communication between you guys recently.......

drownedglass said...

It takes two to end a relationship? Hmm... my take has always been that it takes two to start a relationship, but only one to end it :P

savante said...

Well she certainly had no complaints, sb :)

Not for me maybe but hey, maybe Lorelei could give it a spin, glog :)

Barry is around and we communicate through sms, emma.

As long as the third person doesn't get the blame, dg.