Sunday, July 13, 2008

Please Don't Stop The Music

You'd expect that going to one gay club would be pretty much the same as another. Shirtless gym bods gyrating mindlessly with their muscular arms waving up in the air while screaming diva-ish pop rock pumps through the speakers at ear-splitting decibels.

But in Bangkok, what you get is serious gay whiplash! Might need a neck brace soon. While bopping your head to the beat, you keep getting distracted by this really cute guy. That topless muscle mary behind you. And oh, over there, the other hot guy on the podium. Trust me, they seem to be growing them in abundance out there in the thai paddy fields.

And with the suffocating crush of hot bodies ( forcing all to dance in place like curiously vibrating atoms ), they certainly aren't shocked by the inadvertent grope. Hell, some of them actually press up harder for a closer preview. :P

Please don't stop the music!

Through a haze of vodka and Rihanna, I watched a trio of gorgeous thai boys feel each other up right underneath my line of sight. Well, more like these two aggressive hunks tried to grope a bashful third possibly to add to their shocking menage. Took a while but it wasn't too long before the third had his shirt off revealing bronzed pectaculars.

Hunk : Oh come on, take your shirt off.
Shyboy : No no. I shy shy. Not in here. People will see.
Hunk : Here, take a drink.
Shyboy. Oh no. No. I drink enough.
Hunk : One sip.
Shyboy : Alright.
Hunk : Feel better? How about getting that shirt off then?

Crude technique but it works obviously. Wasn't long before the hot sticky rice trio were doing an indecent frottage with crotch manhandling right there on the frenetic dancefloor and I figured I'd better get off the balcony before I tumbled over for a closer look.

Though the boys deny it, I'm sure there are more than a few out to earn a ( honest? )living. How else would I - possibly looking particularly desperate & man-hungry - have received a few suggestive winks on the way up the stairs? Even a dark-eyed mustachioed fox flexed his tattooed biceps. Of course I was a bit too tipsy to make a proper reconnaisance by then - had to pay attention to the suddenly wobbly steps after all!


Ryan said...

Yummy Yummy! No further detail? I can only imagine hunky studs with firm ass and bulge-y crotch shaking their bons bons with the loud music...

Little Dove said...

Mmm, temptations...

Jaded_Jeremy said...


Superboy said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Reminds me of Marketplace.

We need more Marketplaces in KL! :P

Fable Frog said...

and i am in KL... working~! :( but glad you guys had fun! :D

savante said...

You're having the right imagination, ryan! That's exactly what's happening.

Certainly, lil dove and jeremy.

I doubt we have that many men to cover both places, superboy :P

There's always a next time, froggie :)


mrs phillippe said...

I suppose it's a very common scene to have guys going topless in gay bars/clubs. Very good for us, can cuci mata, but at times when it's overly done, also feel a bit 'over' la, kan? Thee hee...just a thought...