Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time for a Physical

You know the guy not taken - the aptly named McCute? Met him more than a year ago and have corresponded erratically ever since. Despite having a bit of a lustcrush on the fella, I've never actually had the opportunity to attempt any sort of move.

Or grope as the case may be. Somehow time, distance and interrupting relatives seem to have severely curtailed any vain attempt I've made of trying to get into his pants. That - and our predilection for meeting in highly public spaces.

But as they say, there's always a next time. Turns out I didn't have to wait long for that chance since the medicine fella blew into town just the other day bringing his compact frame, a tight tee and gossip galore.

Seriously some of my favourite things.

You all have to realize that the medical field isn't all that small. Contrary to popular belief, not all doctors know of each other! However that particular fact isn't really applicable when it comes to the homodoctors - who all seem to have a vague gay-dar sense of each other in the hospital grounds. Believe me, it's become less than two degrees of separation for us.

Wonder what kinda games doctors play!

Reason enough that I had an enthused McCute whispering into my ear that a certain surgeon had been seriously probing a obgyn. Sounds innocuous enough till you realize the surgeon and the obgyn are both guys. And the surgeon's reputedly married.

Or at least so he claims.

Paul : An obgyn? Don't even want to know what he does with a Sim's speculum!
McCute : What about the surgeon and his probes?

Low-brow humour aside, it seemed that this torrid little affair was not to last. During one of their private physicals, they both received a last-minute surprise appointment as the surgeon's live-in boyfriend returned home unexpectedly. If rumours be true, they were literally caught with their pants down. Imagine the ensuing hysteria with suicide threats, screaming rows and weeping drama queens.

Seriously. It all sounds like a scandalous Venezuelan soap opera till you realize it all actually happened in our little town. Which totally blows my outdated theory that all doctors are dull, boring sticks-in-the-mud! Naughty nurses, slutty interns and now this! Finally! I couldn't have been more pleased with my adventurous colleagues! :P

Even more pleased with the bearer of such outrageous slander of course.

McCute had some other juicy titbits hidden up his tight sleeve of course but none as titillating as the one I just recounted. Seriously had a far more pleasant time trying to imagine getting McCute behind a dirty toilet stall door ( though he'd have whined about the lack of sanitation ). Me, I'm adaptable. What can I say? Listening to such salacious details only makes me aspire to greater depths of depravity.

When it was time to leave, I decided to give him a hug goodbye. Purely platonic, I swear. But when I drew close, I realized his pouty lips looked wet and tempting - and decided spontaneously what the heck, might as well have a farewell snog.

Eh, there are other far more disreputable doctors around!


Little Dove said...

You really kissed McCute?

Doctors are never dull and boring. Dr Paul is one fine example. :)

joshua said...

Now, who says only Seattle Grace doctors have all the fun huh? ;P

jamie da vinci! said...

i am a closeted fan of gay hi drama! wished i could hear the profanities being thrown when those two got caught!! the rainbow wont be enough to describe the colorful language that must have been used!!! ahahaha. sorry, Schadenfreude, guilty as charged!!! :)

savante said...

Hardly. I am pure and innocent. And utterly dull, dove!

Now that is totally true. The shenanigans at work would put the Seattle Grace bunch to shame, joshua.

Hilarious, right! Wish I could tape it, jamie!