Monday, June 16, 2008

Hard Music

Take a look around the hospital. See that guy bobbing his head to the music as he streaks down the halls. No. Not the deranged guy with the wild afro-like hair wailing in the straighjacket.

Look further. The guy in the blue scrubs. Yeah, that's so me.

Catch Grey's Anatomy and you'll marvel at the quirky tunes humming along while the newly graduated interns stumble indecisively over their increasingly complex cases. They're not the only ones dancing to the beat of their own drum while they go about their own work. I have my own theme song playing as I do my work as well.

And it's hard rock all the while.

Please. What did you expect? Enya?

Seriously. At some ungodly hour in the morning, I need - at the very least - Timbaland thumping away to keep me awake and running. Just an eletrifying jolt of snazzy drumbeats to get me going - almost as efficient as that wonderfully piquant hit of java.

Sometimes you need to shut out the noise!

You can't seriously be expecting weepy sentimental instrumentals at the wee hours of the morning? Although the seemingly prevalent soundtrack in the intensive care, the wailing strains of Celine Dion and her ilk would likely put me back into a comatose gaga state just like the rest of my heavily sedated patients. Healing soporific-soothing music the likes of pan pipe strains and erhu strings would definitely push me over the edge into a coma.

And oddly enough the music helps me concentrate.

Usually have my MP3 player themed for work. Of course I usually sprint down to the resuscitation area of the emergency to the whispers of Breathe Me by Sia or Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5. Shockingly apt, I know. Of course I try my best to avoid Take My Breath Away.

Then again, I might just try No Air by Jordin Sparks.


queerbarbie said...

hahahahaha! omg you are so annoying!!haha

Lewis said...

would you believe that until a few months back, I'd never even seen GA. I watched a couple of episodes, loved it, but haven't seen it again.

aaronng88 said...

hmm... a suggestion..

haha >< omg..

walk into the ICU... go to some random patient with an oxygen mask on, pull out the mask and start singing "Tell me how u suppose to be breathe with No AIr? No air~ no airr~~"

dun rly do it, and say i suggested k? =p

Ah-Bong said...

enya in the wee hours? tats btter than any sedative no doubt. LMAO

Demnit ntv7, grey's anatomy and private practice showing only now, i'm so gonna miss the show... sobsss

RPMnut said...

You mean people still listen to Enya these days? LOL

My current work theme song - "Blast The Speakers" by Warp Bros.

Loud enough to wake the dead, this one. Defribilators? SO last season! :D

Glog said...

I love having music themed...

I have a list of walking songs...
You know when you walk a longstretch walk home and you have a long runway...
you just wanna strut what your mama gave you!!!

Legolas said...

Do not mock my woman Celine.

RPMnut said...

Glog : The perfect walking song - "Body Beautiful"

Talk about workin' it! ;)

Fable Frog said...

O! O! so many songs can be candidly related to ER! Bleeding love, Where does my heart beat now, every breath you take~ oh i can just go on!

savante said...

Agreed. No argument there, queer barbie :P

No Grey's! GASP. Watch it. Sure it drags here and there but watch for the gems, lewis.

How evil a plan, aaron! :)

Well we gotta wait for the next season, ah bong!

Oh, defibrillators! I am so terrified of that word. have been jinxed into using that the past week, rpm!

Cool, glog!

You and your celine, leggy!

Ooh! Thanks! Didn't think of that song, fable!