Monday, June 30, 2008

The Boy Who Cried Sodomy

Gone are the old days when you scheme and plan against your dearest enemy, gleefully imagining all matter of dire straits to thoroughly drown him in while you gloat.

These days all you gotta do is cry sodomy.


Kid #1 : Hey, gimme back my toy!
Kid #2 : No, I'm not! Loser!
Kid #1 : I hate you! Give it back or I'll claim that you sodomized me!

Seems like every other guy's raising a hue and cry over being supposedly victimized. So much so that it's a wonder with the number of aggressive raging homos on the street that we aren't celebrating pride parades this June! Come on, I doubt the percentage of fags has shockingly gone up exponentially this past few years so don't start painting every man pink please!

The boy who cried!

Ever since our ex-minister was charged with the much-decried Section 377, the infamous sodomy claim has been used so often that it's become almost pedestrian to be caught with your pants down with buggery. So common it's hardly worth denouncing with flaming pitchforks anymore. After all, even student leaders, political aides and police officers are flocking to join the seemingly depraved crowd.

Of course crying sodomy seems to be the easy way out. That convenient scapegoat in the Penal Code. Almost impossible to prove with plenty of hearsay - short of keeping stained mattresses as a memento - and yet it muddies the waters by placing the accused in extremely bad light. Let's face it, being caught indulging in homosexual perversions still carries ( unfortunately! ) a certain distressing stigma in this country. Not to mention the fact that engaging in acts of a carnal nature with another man could get you held under the draconian criminal laws drafted in a sexually repressed Victorian age.

Sheep in wolf's clothing?
This is the wolf! He did this to me!

I won't quibble over the matter of rape since unconsensual sex is an anathema to me. Think despicable rapists should be tossed behind bars without a key. But when it comes to what happens between two adults behind closed doors, I think everyone else ( and yes, I mean the sanctimonious morality police ) should just shove off and mind their own bleeding business.

Seems like the hundredth time I'm saying this. Hoped that the frequent use of this antiquated code as a hammer to punish and discredit would prove its utter futility - but that hope was for naught! Time to repeal our Section 377 of the Penal Code before it's misused again, don't you think?

Straight boys, you're not having the last laugh yet! You did know that blowjobs aren't exactly legal in the country as well?


Crazy Sam said...

I hear ya! Indians are also shouting to repeal the IPC Section 377. Funny that our two countries are having the same code! The effect of British colonization!!

Crazy Sam said...

Last time you narrowly escaped from my radar, but this time you can't. You are tagged!! :D

Darren said...

The political conspiracy stories are running wild again. Me love conspiracies...

Have u seen his pics? Quite a cutie i would say, perfect for a mole.

xoussef said...

As long as it's useful, it will be used again and again... :(
What do you think of an unused condom held as proof of homosexuality in court? Absurd? yes but it happens here :(

Janvier said...

You won't hear Jaunty Jared shouting that out would you?

Fuiyoh. Wanted banner.

Perky said...

When the news broke out, I was like,"Wow, is it that really easy to sodomize a grown man against his will??"

Really lah... the bs ppl come up with. Lol!

savante said...

Well we all have the same legacy left behind by the Victorians, sam :) Same as Singapore. Think it's based on the Indian Penal Code.

Whose pics? What mole, darren?

Wonder who keeps used condoms as a memento. I find that even more disturbing, xoussef.

Jared enjoys it, janvier :P

Obviously it is that easy. Maybe I should try it too, perky. :P


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