Monday, June 09, 2008

Brunch at Bangsar

Is there anything more wickedly satisfying than a light brunch followed by window shopping on a busy Monday morning?

Certainly nothing quite as fun. Everyone else we know is busy griping over their first day back at work after the weekend - and here we three are dining on lurid gossip and chocolate tarts at the Banquet patio. Joined the leisurely ladies who lunch ( right after their mani-pedis and salon appointments ) that is Statuesque Sarah, Fab Fiona - and of course, there's unglam me rounding up the trio.

Take that
You wouldn't believe what the girls have been up to!

Remember what I said about pious convent girls being secretly wicked behind cloistered walls? Certainly no trusting their innocent facades! Well, the same rings true for adventurous female physicians as well - no doubt the true inspiration behind the furious sexual shenanigans of Grey's Anatomy.

Dull clinical lives full of paperwork and casenotes? I think not.

Horrific tales ranged from nightmarish ex-boyfriends to sleek Porsches that double as modified Kancils. Hell, one of them ( not telling who! ) even managed to reprise the role of the bootylicious Marilyn Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire. Not only landing a McBuff with a silver spoon, a silver Boxster and a sleek ass - but also getting him to propose four times.

Brain surgery
Seems like there's more going on than simple brain surgery!

Count that. Four times. Four times the poor studly fella went down humbly on his knees figuratively. Though she also refused an equal number of times. Feminine indecisiveness?

Paul : You said no?
Faux Marilyn : Of course I said no! I barely know the guy! It's only three months.
Paul : But he had extenuating circumstances which he already explained to you. Honesty is nice in a man.
Faux Marilyn : Much too soon!
Paul : He's a millionaire! Think of the Vera Wang wedding gown. Think of the Manolo Blahniks. Think of the Van Cleef Arpel diamonds.
Faux Marilyn : Ooh.

She still said no to the earnest proposal though.

Which had me head-banging in patent disgust against the faux garden bushes surrounding the patio. To refuse the fella? Didn't Julia Roberts teach us anything in Pretty Woman? When a cute eligible millionaire asks for your hand, you grab the steel cuffs and chain him dammit! Any minor complications later can be easily dealt with.

First wives. Mother-in-laws. Grasping relatives. No worries. I am sure we can handle the lot in due time.

I know. I can be such a materialistic bitch. But when you're swanking in a posh place with thousand dollar shirts ( even got tempted by a pricey / stripey Ted Baker tee ) and 50-dollar sandwiches, you can't help but feel a little avaricious.

Paul : Fine. Think of licking chocolate off his drum-tight abs.
Faux Marilyn : Gulp.

Well that fantasy did leave her thinking.


沈 一 傑 said...

I'm amazingly impressed with your perfect english. You don't have any difficulties expressing yourself with the language. I wish, I could master the language as you do ... ;)

CK said...

Haven't been back in a while. Notice you have been updating very regularly now. Thanks for that. And the glimpses into KL Grace Hosp perhaps? Love the writing and the pics as usual :-)

Legolas said...

I shall kill Marilyn whoever that is.

Ryan said...

She said no? Is he so "un-presentable", abusive or intolerable?!

Otherwise, ask the millionaire to ask me, instead, without the need to bent down on his knee.

luke! said...

ooohh....i just love those two boys! :D