Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Queer as Folk

Straight-acting. I've always hated that word. Makes the slightly fey amongst people like us seem almost abnormal or inferior in comparison - as if succumbing to the pressures of gender stereotyping should be a goal for all of us.

Never been much of a problem for me - well not since I got through the crazy confused years of adolescence. I might not dress in drag ( since the heels are a killer ) but I can certainly fake the limp wrist with the best of 'em. So go ahead and think of me as the resident homo - I've long since accepted the fact that half the department's already branded me as such. Hardly any need to strut around in heels and a feather boa when it's quite obvious that I have the hots for almost anything in pants. Hey, I can't help drooling over hot guys, alright?

I really need that feather boa.

Or at least that's what I thought.

Then today during a gathering of colleagues - close to the same group caught munching on sausages at midnight - I had one of the gang surprising me with her comment.

Fiona : Hey, you should really watch Queer as Folk! IT's really good.
Paul : You think I've never seen Queer as Folk?
Fiona : Yeah, it's a drama series about gay men.
Paul : Naked men fucking?
Fiona : Anything wrong with that?
Paul : Huh.

First time I was actually put on the defensive about homophobia. Could barely hold in a loud guffaw as I fought to keep a straight face whle she ranted on about gay rights. Certainly surprised her when I stopped her diatrible to rattle off a short summary of the series with a recommendation for her to try the original British series.

But what I can't get over is the fact that she thinks I don't know about Queers. And by extension assumes that I'm probably straight. Me? Always thought that it's clear enough for everyone. Thought Fab Fiona knew better.

Knowing Queer as Folk certainly isn't a prerequisite for the pink passport - though I find it hard to believe that any gay boy round these parts hasn't heard of this ground-breaking series. Certainly an eye-opener even for me. Seriously. Asking a gay man whether hs knows the series is like asking a lady whether she buys shoes. Sure there are a few odd ducks here and there who hasn't heard of it but it's awfully rare.

And clearly ( though I might be generalizing ) very few straight boys would even consider watching naked men fucking.

Guess after today, she won't be asking me such questions anytime soon :)


gaia19 said...

I remember when QAF UK was released here. I was all excited because I wanted to see the cute blond boy. There had been a huge poster of the show, so I was all curious. When I started watching it, I ran screaming from the room. Granted I was eleven when that show came on. At 15 I could appreciate the ~sexy~ boys.

And by extension assumes that I'm probably straight. Me? Always thought that it's clear enough for everyone. Thought Fab Fiona knew better.

Assumptions, assumptions. It's good to have another woman who finds nothing wrong with naked men fucking.


strapping.shane said...

I've never actually seen the US one - just the UK one. Would like to see it, but don't know if I actually might sit through it all though.

gaia19 said...

re: strapping.shane

I would recommend the first three series. The first few episodes of season one are a copy of the UK one. However the show gets its own brain as the season progresses. I enjoyed season 4 as well, currently choking my way through season 5. It has taken me...3 years to finish. I'm sure that says something :)

Janvier said...

Never watched either 'cept for the pilot episodes of both. We prefer the UK one 'tho.

AJ said...

ermmmm....i've heard about this drama...but never seen any of the UK or the US episodes.....feel like i'm committing a crime in the homo world....hahahahhaa =P *grin

Queer Ranter said...

The great doctor was mistaken as a straight!?


Heheheh. Me hearts QAF.

ikanbilis said...

I HEART QAF! its so full of drama.

they sell it cheap in Bt Feringghi Night Market. they even have Dante's Cove!

Whole season included! and imma gonna get some!

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

loved him. straight-acting? lol.

savante said...

You're certainly not the only one, gaia! I know of plenty :) And you're right, the US version improved as it went on - and diverged from the original UK series.

Well, the UK series is much shorter so you wouldn't have to keep awake that long, shane. Like me, janvier likes the UK one as well.

But at least you've heard of it, aj. Easily available at our friendly dvd pirates.

Shocking but true, queer rant. Couldn't believe it myself.

Go take a look then, ikanbilis.

I know! I was amazed myself, reyville.


daohui said...

What show is that? Gaaa i am so lost. Think i will download and watch it. :P

nakedwriter said...

I havent watched any of the series. So sad.