Sunday, March 09, 2008

Triumphant Tsunami

Things were much simpler when we were kids.

Back in school, woting was a semi-annual exercise, usually forced upon us by the teachers to elect monitors / assistants and the rest of the class reps. Treasurers, secretaries and such. Sprung on us by surprise sometime in the beginning of the year, usually there were no speeches or empty promises, no banners or campaigns. Voting back then was based far more on popularity ( and possibly who they hang with ) rather than qualification, experience or performance. As kids, we didn't have much to base it on anyway. And it was easier to choose those we liked.

After all, all the monitor did was play substitute teacher on the rare occasion, collect assignments and perhaps take on the role of the unpopular tattle-tale if need be.

As we grow older, things get a bit more complex. Our elected representatives hold rather more responsibility and duty - and yes, our votes matter quite a bit more. A matter of state, you might say.

Our voting patterns hasn't changed all that much though.

No! No! This is not the way to win an election!

Haven't said much about the political situation in the country. Far too disheartening sometimes. If I were to start blathering about the inherent corruption and subtle racism in our elected government, I would be ranting myself hoarse on the soapbox for hours non-stop. Don't even get me started on the uneducated rubbish occasionally spewed in the hallowed halls of our parliament. Fortunately I have other members of the far-flung clan already doing a fabulous job criticizing.

By now, the shocking political upheaval ( or in the latest catch-phrase, a tsunami ) that has shaken the status quo in our country - and possibly given the elected government something to think about - has probably begun to sink in. For most of us at least. I still find myself staring agog each time I see the astonishing results of yesterday's general elections.

With the sociopolitical turmoil of the past few months ( along with a more recent legal imbroglio concerning the judiciary and cellphone dramas ) and the dissatisfaction quite clear amongst the people, this opposition tsunami sweeping aside the crusty stalwarts isn't surprising to say the least. What appals me is the lack of faith for some of the incumbent representatives. Not all of them are bad apples. You don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater after all. A handful of our reps have done excellent work throughout their term of office - and yet their overwhelming dedication and hard work hasn't translated into viable votes by the electorate.

All because they hang with the wrong folks.

Guess we still vote the way we did back then.


Jaded_Jeremy said...

Unfortunately, that's how it has been working all this time, except that it was working in the government's favour previously i.e. representatives were voted in simply because they were from BN. Yup, vote for party not for individual, but of course the table is turned on them this time around.

I recall one particular general election where there was a comment that in Johor, even if the BN's candidate was a log (yup, a piece of wood), the log would still have won.

FamezGAY said...

yup very agreed with wat u said here.. after all malaysian again votes blindly on the party not the candidates.. very disappointing!

AJ said...

the results for our 12th general election shows that the people no longer vote blindly because of the's the candidate themselves.

nevertheless, i do agree with the last paragraph.

Quentin X said...

There is pros and cons about party voting. I prefer to vote for the party. At least there is some concensus in the policy making less chances for tyranny. hAving said that, tyranny of the majority is just as bad.

Jay Antonio said...

It's the aftermath of a Tsunami, it's shocking & even scary that Pas has gained momentum in Kuala Lumpur. His resignation is a must & He has caused this disaster with the support of his Son-in-Law.

Perky said...

I knew that BN was going to lose but never did it occur to me that they would lose BIG.

Ppl were just getting fed up with the lack of explanations for various issues, or the fact that nothing was done to rectify those issues.

I also believe that PAS has managed to "infiltrate" other states simply bcoz people wanted an alternative to BN. They dont' care what that alternative is, as long as it's not BN.

Anyway, what's done is done. Let's hope that whoever was voted by the people does their job better than their predecessor.

Ah-Bong said...

the previous [some portfolio] minister said they don't need the chinese and indian votes. see where it leads them. it's funny he's still in the cabinet.

voters are angry, i know i am. but then again, where in the world, or when in the history, did politics not being associated with 'dirty'?

stupid bugger... hates them all. no wonder they were ranked the lowest in the ancient chinese hierachy by Confucious.

ethnwg said...

people are voting not for the party. they are voting out of anger. im not sure if that is a good thing or not. ultimately, no one is 'holy'. not in politics.

for me, i'd rather cast my vote on the next american idol. LOL