Monday, March 10, 2008

Ghosts of the Northern Capital

Calvin sees dead people.

Now I for one would find it awesomely kewl. No doubt it would freak me out initially ( I assume talking to a passing shade at midnight would disconcert anyone ) but pretty soon I should be out solving paranormal crimes, hitting the Magnum 4D stores and running around unearthing hidden treasure. Seeing dead people doesn't mean I must be a sad, tortured ghost whisperer, right?

If I were that spooked by roaming spectres, I doubt I'd be able to walk down the empty hospital corridors lit only flickering fluorescent in the wee hours of the night. I try to stay positive. Me, I rather think dead people would go about their unearthly business without bothering anyone - if not given undue provocation. Or unless we've somehow wronged them inadvertently.

Of course seeing them would probably scare the bejeezus out of Charming Calvin - who is deathly ( pun intended ) afraid of ghosts. Let's just say he ain't gonna be joining the Spooky Scooby Squad anytime soon.

So fortunately for him, he doesn't actually see dead people.

I see dead people.

But listening to ghost stories can be quite as terrifying for him. And you can imagine that an ancient capital such as Beijing with all its deceitful ( and murderous ) court intrigues would be fool of vengeful spooks, ghouls and poltergeists. Even that infamous hopping Manchu vampire well-loved by generic B-grade horror movies.

So when his colleagues started talking about undead spirits, he resorted to childish methods...

Colleague #A : Did you hear about that old temple ghost?
Colleague #B : The haunted place? I heard that...
Calvin : LALALALA. Not listening. LALALALALA.

Poor Calvin. I have no doubt that when he comes home late at night to his apartment, his over-active imagination goes into automatic overdrive. While to the rest of us, his spiffy apartment would look perfectly normal - though a bit chi-chi chinois, to his eyes there'll be a layer of smoke rising mysteriously from the aged wooden planks while rust and cobwebs instantaneously creeps up the moldering walls ( if not scarlet splashes of blood dripping from the ceiling ). Probably hear the eerie crescendo of a haunted melody playing as the door creaks uneasily open.

Of course he's not the only one easily freaked. I have colleagues who don't leave their houses past sunset on the seventh month - and even one who takes a half hour detour just to avoid driving close to cemeteries. Near impossible seeing as how we live in an old town full of dead people.


Ah-Bong said...

ack! there's one following behind u while u're walking down that corridor...

imagine that poor jr who has THE EYE. yeaps... there's one who could see THEM... and she freaking told us during orientation "there's a couple sitting at our left, that first table there, they're eating something."

strapping.shane said...

A ex-NS friend had the Eye and it was creepy when he told us about this girl who's always sitting on the fallen tree trunk on the beach.

Well... sort of creepy - the lot of us actually went down in the darkness and looked around the tree trunk (from a distance) to try and... see if we can make the spirit out. No help there. :P

On a side note, I don't do cemeteries either - if it were me, I'd drive half an hour and maybe more just so I can avoid it.

Lewis said...

Ghosts? IN March? Oh my.

Alex said...

LOL... there's no such thing as ghost... only deep psychological irrational fear. But no doubt, fear itself is real.

daohui said...

Honestly speaking i am just like Calvin. Really paranoid especially when i am alone...

savante said...

You'll get used to that feeling, ah bong :)

Did you at least get a number, shane?

Well someone tried to scare Calvin with ghost stories, lewis.

GASP, you heathenish alex. Don't believe in God. Now you don't believe in ghosts!

Everyone gets the creeps now and then, daohui.


strapping.shane said...


From a girl!????????????? :O

Jason said...

Ooo... now I'm a bit spooked by my TV set. Been playing some horror game lately (thanks to QR!) and now, I don't dare to play it alone at night.