Sunday, March 23, 2008

For the Love of Siam


You guys all know I'm far from the lush, weepy romantic who cries at the drop of a hat! So you can imagine that having a lump in my throat during a showing of the movie, Love of Siam makes it real significant. Trust me, it's a beautiful, sweet, earnest movie about puppy love. Throw in some teenage angst, personal tragedy and family drama - btw did I mention that the puppy love actually involves two boys, Tong and Mew? - and you have Love of Siam.

And rather than be cold asexual creatures who remain at arm's length, these two actually do share a shy tentative kiss.

All that with an ambiguous ( bittersweet? ) ending - that unfortunately leaves me nearly frothing at the mouth. You know how I hate unresolved issues.

Let me warn you though that spoilers abound below. So I suggest you go catch the movie first and then return to share your thoughts with me.

Love of Siam
Schoolboys in love

But tell me... what would you do when that unbearably cute hunk you love tells you this? And remember, you're a teenage boy in the throes of your first love.

Tong : I can't be your boyfriend but that doesn't mean I don't love you.

Seriously, I don't know about the rest of you but doesn't that make you feel like tearing off his handsome head? Especially when it turns out he might be dropping you for a ditzy ice princess with less personality than a glazed donut ( and nicknamed the same unfortunately ). And all I get is a coconut santa's nose? Frankly I'd be insulted.

And furious. Maybe I'm a horrifyingly violent monster but rather than weep piteously in resignation, my reaction would be this. Sorry, I don't do wimpy victim roles.

Tong : I can't be your boyfriend but that doesn't mean I don't love you.
Paul : YOU MUTHAFUCKA! @&%%@&*%! What kinda fucking excuse is that!
Tong : Uhh. Wait, you need to calm down. I have to think of my family - they will never approve of this relationship. We can still be friends though.
Paul : I'll kill that Donut! Where is she? Pound her into cheap dough. She's going into the frying pan again for sure.
Tong : Paul?!
Paul : Just friends?!
Tong : Yes, friends. I still love you.
Paul : Fine. Let's be sex buddies then. Is that alright? You don't have to be my boyfriend.
Tong : What?
Paul : So buddy, you mind if I go down on you right now?

I know. I ran off a tangent after the initial self-righteous indignation but hey, it's Mario Maurer ( who plays Tong ). I'll take what I can get. And I'm not stupid enough to toss a great friendship down the drain just for that - especially when I can have all sorts of added benefits. What can I say? When I was a teenager, I was hopelessly addled with hormones and generally indiscriminate - which made me kind of a slut.

Mario Maurer
One Night in Bangkok...

Then again, hopefully what Tong actually means is I can't be your boyfriend - at least not right now. It would be heartbreakingly depressing otherwise - and I've gotten quite enough of tragic gay-themed movies. After all with the crazy upheavals in his dysfunctional lil Catholic family, it's quite understandable that Tong would steer clear from stirring up controversy for the next little while.

Hmm... maybe I shouldn't have torn his head off.


Daniel Henry said...

pinjam... ^_^

aaronng88 said...

haha dun pinjam him !!!! =p

ish.. paul so violent siall.. wan pound ppl's mum -.-

happy easter~€

Legolas said...

Can't be with me? Tata, I'm going out with someone better tonight.

Jason said...

*dot dot dot*
Better stay away from Paul.

OO.. cute boys. Frankie will like.

bkkdreamer said...

Read more about Love of Siam at my Thai gay blog. It's where the author of this blog found most of his material, so you may as well get it direct.

Sh@ney said...

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Little Dove said...

I thought doctors are supposed to be gentle? ;p

Alex said...

Awww.... that's a sweet sweet kiss

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Been looking for its DVD with English subtitle for quite some time already.

Emo-Happiness said...

Love- is it a sexual activity.
Love- is it a mental activity.
Love- is it the tie of two heart.

sex = love

Wanna love someone tonight?

savante said...

It's on disk, daniel henry!

Mana pound on people's mum? Did I say that, aaron?

True, that would be my answer as well, legolas :)

I am sure Frankie would be swooning, jason.

Hi, bkkdreamer. Yeah, go drop by and take a look!

Thanks, shaney.

That's the general rumour we try to spread around, lil dove.

Adorable, aint it, alex?

I think they have a director's cut coming, jeremy.

Wish I could, emohappiness :)


Christian said...

Cute boys. I am going to check this movie out.

Anonymous said...

I am accidentally at your blog. Well, as one of Thai audience, I felt so down when I finished watching this movie. That last scene when Tong said "I cannot be your boyfriend, but it doesn't mean that I do not love you." made me depressed. I kept thinking about his word. Were there any hidden meaning? Another scene was when Tong and his mom decorated the X'Mas tree. It showed Tong's decision and it made me cry. Of course, I would love to see the happy ending. I went to see this movie 6 times. I still cannot find the answer. Hope you guys enjoy and love this movie.

Ryan said...

I finally watched it last night. Beautiful, poignant, well-acted. But like you, I felt cheated by the unfabulous ending!

Maybe they have a Director's Cut with the 'proper' ending? All the setup was there: choosing the male Xmas ornament, struggling through a crowd to reach the boy... (sigh). I was so disappointed. I would have ripped his head off too!

Where are the happy endings?!?