Sunday, March 02, 2008

Nineteen Candles

As I vaguely recall, at 19 all I could think of was my coming exams. In medical school, they make up regular surprise tests in intervals ( I know it shouldn't be a surprise then! ) as a sadistic method of torture. Supposedly to keep us on our toes - but possibly in a bid to brainwash us into the clones that I spoke of once upon a time. Sadly there seemed to be nothing else in life other than desperately cramming for exams over endless cups of coffee and endless reruns of the top 40 hits.

Sure every once in a while while skimming through endless text on lumps and bumps, I'd have wonderfully wet dreams of tying my ISO ( Insignificant Other ) up with my silk ties but since our study schedules seldom meshed, I didn't have all that much opportunity to put bondage theory to practice.

Certainly no thoughts of advocating liberty, equality and fraternity in my head.

I was a single-track mind kinda guy. Sex and books, that was all.

Actually I still am pretty focused on the above :P

Which is why it was refreshing to meet a young guy whose fiery idealism practically shone like a star. Really, we should all be that idealistic in our youth. Save petty cynicism for the cantankerous old folks like me.

I have a dream.

And to cap it all off, the boy Junior Guevara ( or J Guevara for short ) also speaks in expressive polysyllabic words. Finally, someone quite as loquacious as me.

At his age ( a healthy 19 in case you were wondering ), J's already a budding activist fighting for the rights of the dejected, the downtrodden and the disenfranchised too. The descamisados so to speak. Even surprisingly a defender for the rights of the walking steak dinner.

Whoops. I promised not to say that again. Fine, the defender of the pedestrian rump roast.

There I go again. Fine. Animal rights.

J : Like I would feel so guilty after hitting a cow. Like what of its feelings.
Paul : Feelings?
J : Imagine hitting the cow with your car.
Paul : Imagine how hurt your flimsy car feels! If you prick motorized vehicles, do they not bleed?
J : But the cow might have internal injuries.
Paul : True. So I'd invite all my friends for beef kurma and oxtail soup potluck the next day. Maybe some steaks if there's leftover.

Well I paraphrased. I really need a dictaphone.

Suffice to say, the earnest advocate of the injured bovine wasn't amused by my barbarity. Just to get a rise, I almost said I'd run over a few chickens for good measure ( nothing like fried chicken for a weekend potluck ) but I think J Guevara was already horrified enough by my unfeeling callousness. Probably busy dialing the RSPCA as we speak.

Sharp brains and youthful sexiness. Nice. Of course I would have propositioned him for a quickie tour of the backrooms - but since ( knowing my reputation ) the savvy J had brought an eagle-eyed chaperone along, I figured I'd better err on the side of caution. After all for a guy so well versed in constitutional law, he could be carrying a sexual harassment lawsuit under his tee!


Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Books. Sex. Coffee. Sex. Books. Reminds me of college.

daohui said...

That guy must be the sensitive type with a loving heart...not many actually would care about things that eventually end up on our plate...:P

glog said...

Books, sex and coffee...
Sounds like I am not the only one stuck in this vicious cycle...
Books are fun but sex is still bad...

Where had you had your fair share of fun those days???

Lewis said...

Isn't life wonderful.

nakedwriter said...

Gentle gesticulating grazing gracefuls - what with their long eye lashes and sonorous moos, how can you not give the ruminant some love?

I must say though that those pork chomps of sausages were yummy!

AJ said...

ooh boy!

this entry remind me of the younger me ;P

being idealistic is just part of growing up...once you see the real world, it's hard to remain the same

anyway, nice usual and damn funny too!!

dazedblu* said...

Hmm, college is one of the most stressful days in our lives but then its the most blissful i thought so.

Hehe, celebrating our college weeks at the moment.

travelling, but not in love said...

I'm with you on this one - think of the damage to the poor car! Even if it was fixed it would never drive the same again.

And a good kurma is too great an opportunity to miss...

Great blog, btw...

William said...

Grope first. Lawsuit later.

Daniel Henry said...

grrrr. biabad sial. i wave hi today and you ignored me!

savante said...

True, reyville. Good times!

Never thought of it like that, daohui!

Been a good boy for the past few months, glog.

Oh yes it is, lewis.

And the sausages were delish, nakedwriter.

But you should be older to be cynical lah, aj :)

A busy time in your life as well, dazedblu. Try to enjoy it!

Still thinking of the kurma that we missed, travellin.

Good adage, william!

Aiks, so sorry! Tak nampak you till you sampai escalator then I started waving but then you tak nampak.


ikanbilis said...

oh crap. i turn 19 this November.