Thursday, June 05, 2008

Jinx This

What has been going on with me lately? Well you heard what I said about packing up to a new workplace? Well I did it again. Certainly no chance to wallow in a rut.

So far though I've got to say things haven't been going well.

Seem to have brought along my infamous jinx. Never considered myself all that lucky. In fact, I would consider myself one of those unfortunate fellas who - though through no fault of theirs - seem to attract minor calamities at work.

It's practically a mutant power.

Crazy lil misadventures happen when I'm around. Reason enough that I've seen most everything written in the medical textbook! I just have to mention some rare isolated disease only to have it falling magically into my lap just the next morning. Almost uncanny how such pretenatural events occur! Hoped and prayed that particular hoodoo would leave me as I hastily decamped from my old hunting grounds but that jinx seems to have stuck.

Dammit. Why am I always the unlucky one found hanging outside the train!?

Of course I've gained no little notoriety. Talk about instant celeb fame as word of my latest mishaps have spread like wildfire through the workforce. Relative strangers are even coming to offer their condolences over my magical double whammy.

Wait. I haven't even started talking about the horrible hours at work yet! Think 12-hour slaveworking days. Deja vu? Seems like my long-forgotten days of sweatshop internship are making a comeback.

Working hard as hell - and all for my pitifully meagre wages that's shrinking considerably with rising economic costs. Soon I'd be lucky to be able to afford a grain of rice per week.

Gotta look on the bright side. Guess I'll lose weight that way.

Obviously have far too many things nagging on my mind recently to bother about the recent fuel increase. So you can imagine how pissed I was to have finished work late again yesterday only to run into penny-pinching city folk who caused massive bumper-bumper traffic jams just to save a coupla bucks on fuel. Definitely no patience to line up in the rolling thunderstorm just to get 20 dollars worth of gas.

Of course if I had a huge four-wheeler truck that could crush minute tinkertoy cars, there might have been less of a traffic jam and more of a pile-up.


Jamie said...

I have no idea how you have the energy to write a blog post EVERY night after such a long day at work. *Peers suspiciously at you* You're not on anything, are you? Hmmmm....

In other news, my new blog is now officially opened!! I know I said after Friday, but I couldn't resist such an opportunity to put my assignment off even longer. Could you update my link please (if it's still there)? Thanks, darling daddy (or was it mommy? I forget) Paul!

Darren said...

Jamie, Savante is a Superman.

And i don't think you are jinxed, just maybe plain unlucky. Kekeke.

Lewis said...

Man, you sound like you're in a pretty crazy place right now....I hope things get better PRONTO and that you're able to get yourself back INSIDE of the the dining car....with a cup of hot tea.

RPMnut said...

A pint of Haagen-Dazs Rum & Raisin, followed by copious amounts of champagne. My Nutty prescription for those gloomy, rutty days. Never failed me yet ;)

Heads up, buddy. It'll pass.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything will turn out all right for you. Maybe your new workplace will have lots of eye candies to even out your jinx ;)

Good luck with everything! I know you're not that easy to be defeated, such a wicked person like you ;) *hugs*

luke! said...

i don't understand how can you keep up with the work and still be able to write a post on a daily basis (and now you're talking about the horrible work hours). anyway, i think it's the stress (and pressure!) not jinx or mere bad luck :D probably you should do the 'buang sial' thing by throwing coins to the street!

savante said...

Wish I had something, jamie :) Usually I get back semi conscious and type off whatever's on my mind. And call me Daddy, babe!

Yeah, think I need a good luck charm, darren.

That cup of hot tea would sound really good about now, lewis.

Will go grab some rum and raisin as soon as I can, rpm.

When the going gets tough and all that, lada hitam :)

Throwing coins to the street? Seriously, luke?