Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scholarly Dreams

Fevered dreams.

Those fevered nights when we flit through that no man's land between unconsciousness and wakefulness, where dreams lie await to creep on us unbidden. Since I've been having the occasional spike of temperature for the past few nights, I've had my fair share of dreamstalkers.

Even a fairly amusing recurring dream.

Me as a college student! Make that me and Calvin. An impossibility in reality since we would never share a campus - unless I repeated one year too many.

Only in my dreams, we were both walking around a chilly Bostonian campus - a supposition with all the brilliant autumnal foliage surrounding the grounds. Not to mention the amazingly chic winter coats we had on. I blame the endless Gilmore Girls reruns with all that talk about Yale.

Definitely one for Sigmund Freud though I'll take a stab at amateur psychoanalysis. Though I was technically in a relationship with my ISO in university, I never actually got a chance to parade a boyfriend around. Closeted homosexuality aside, my InSignificant Other studied two continents away. Always wondered what it would be like to have a special beau back in school and I guess I got my wish. Somewhat.

Back to school!

Turns out dream Calvin volunteered as a reporter for the independent student paper and I was the nasty editor. Ah, dreams. Not only did Calvin attend the same college I was in, everyone else I knew had somehow managed to get in. Jaunty Jared covered the sports beat and we had Zany Zinedine as the oh-so-fabulous fashion editor. In the background I think I even saw Lanky Lex posing as the school photographer.

Fun times. Even more so since I could afford shockingly expensive Burberry coats as a struggling college student. Apparently I'm also sinfully wealthy in my dreams.

Which doesn't explain Calvin's peculiar accent. Totally blame the slow, lazy cadence of his real speech but somehow the Bostonian Calvin speaks like a laid-back surfer dude on a bong high.

Paul : Remember, I need the story by Monday.
Calvin : No worries, dude. Will have it on your table way before that.
Paul : You'd better make sure of that. Boyfriend or no boyfriend, that cute ass of yours will get a whipping!
Calvin : Ooh tough, dude.
Paul : Grrr.
Calvin : Chill, man. Here, have some Doritos.

Obviously I'm still a psycho kiasu freak in my dreams.


ShAKirA CHOONG said...

OMG! Even in your are so CHIC!lol
"Boyfriend or no boyfriend, that cute ass of yours will get a whipping!" kinky? right? must be fashionably ....


I wish I have dreams like that! Is it true that when we dream ,we have a spike in our temperature? Will taking panadol or aspirin help? Help either with NO DREAMS or KINKY/HORNY DREAMS? Your advice, Dr. Paul please?


ps Paul I have problems detecting your feeds when I add you in my blog list and I noticed that in some other blogs too. Please check? Not that I know HOW TO!lol

Legolas said...

I'm supposed to have British accent.

Little Dove said...

Haha. Was Calvin sun-kissed blonde-haired surfer dude...who speaks with a British accent? ;p

Darren said...

and all i get are nightmares. Lol. Haha.

I was a school mag editor once, ha ha, this reminds me of that. There were no hunky dudes though. :P

Janvier said...

But but but back to school means exams! If we somehow remember that bit then our dreams would turn to nightmares.

We're sure Calvin can actually do that Boston drawl if he wanted to!

Chris said...

Or maybe American accent is more easy to understand.

Alex said...

Oh... me as the school photographer? Cool! I guess I was busy producing 1999 Campus Hottest Hunks Calendar!

Life for Beginners said...

High school fantasies. Ain't them the best? ;)