Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two Gay Boys, A Girl and A Ratatouille

Despite the fact that my schedule's pretty empty these days, there's really not much we can get up to here. We - as in the coven-ish trio exiled over here - Fabulous Felix, Piratin Patty and me. After all, there really aren't all that many cafes, restaurants of stores here. Short of jungle trekking, karaoke-ing or illegal smuggling, we don't really have all that many options for wholesome entertainment.

Reason enough that Piratin Patty decided to rush out to get an oven. This way we at least fill our time with something that we can bite on.

Lee Pace
The Pie Man anyone?

All of us are clumsy amateurs of course. Hell, I haven't picked up a cake beater since secondary school! Yes, like every other budding gay kid, I actually spent an entire period of my life greasing pans and making chocolate chip cookies. All shockingly domestic. Just short of the frilly pink apron saying Kiss the Cook.

Unfortunately I came to learn that baking isn't at all like riding a bike.

Hell, I took a while to even separate the yolks from the whites. I mean how the fuck do you do it without getting a few broken yolks! And folding the cake batter? What does folding mean exactly?

But the recipe books we purchased along with the oven proved quite helpful. And certainly more reliable than some of the dubious recipes we found online. From the disastrous ginger fluff of last week to the buttery chocolate loaf yesterday, we seem to have made reasonably decent progression. At least we haven't actually poisoned anyone.


Two cakes a week at the least. Who knows, one day we might get good enough to start selling. Pat a Cake Cupcakes anyone?


the happy go lucky one said...

thats great hobby! i love baking too, but not good at it.
nah u can just get a spoon-like egg yolk separator from ikea or supermarket, its so much easier kekeee :)
unless ur end result is that good that everyone will fight for it, or else u gotta monitor ur waistline :P

Gratitude said...

Time to subscribe for Astro's AFC channel! Not only fold, but you'll be a pro soon on flips and whisks. :)

Bravebear said...

I want apple pie! learn to make them yea!!! kekekeke!

William said...

You're one step away from becoming Chef Wan.

Darren said...

me me me. i want.

savante said...

Seriously? A separator at IKEA? Will look out for it, happy.

I do watch it, gratitude :)

Little steps, bravebear. Pies will be coming soon.

Eeeks. Of all people, william.

I want as well. Tunggula, darren.


OMNOMNOM said...

Google is your friend, Youtube is your BFF! :D

How to perfectly separate eggs like a pro:

And how to fold cake batter:

And as a bonus, how to cook a Steamed Cheesecake (featuring a cute Australian chef..heh..):