Monday, January 18, 2010

Radio Killed the Video Star

At least over here.

In the city, we are spoilt for choice with dozens of radio stations competing for our attention. Always amazes me that we have bandwidth enough to fit them all in! Just tune in, flick the dial and you'll find a station specific enough to meet the needs of almost everyone.

Unfortunately not the case in Miri though.

Despite the rumour that they once boasted of having the fabulous Capital FM over here, I have to say that the radio airwaves these days are generally... soporific to say the least. Although the single English-medium station here plays a couple of hits sporadically, the usual bland serving revolves around a smattering of Elvis, a dollop of evergreen oldies and a whole lot of freakish one-hit wonders from the decades before.

Quite a torture when you realize that we only have one ancient transistor radio playing in the operating theatre here. Is it any wonder that crazed fellas waving sharp utensils isn't all that uncommon here? Seriously. There's only so much Five Hundred Miles you can hear before you feel like running amuck with a parang.

Turn the radio on?

So much for thumpa thumpa music to keep us awake in the wee hours.

But I'm a persistent fella, sitting by the radio fiddling with the dial just to search for that elusive radio station! Note the condition of the embattled antenna - twisted into knots and circles just to catch the best transmission. Imagine how rustic we all seemed huddling by the radio to listen closely for the sounds of civilization. Half expected the radio to dutifully inform us all to Keep Calm and Carry On.

So you can imagine the discovery of a new radio station just today. Greeted with an elation not seen since the cavemen here found fire. I believe Ebullient Eve even did a little dance.

Eve : Oh my God. I think I can hear it.
Paul : So do I. This is amazing. Finally, I feel like I'm in the Noughties at least.
Eve : Not to mention the sounds of the city! I can almost smell the traffic jam now!
Paul : Say goodbye to lousy tracks!

All because we finally have a half-decent English-medium radio station. More than one actually. Ah, choices.

Finally. I was really getting tired of keroncong and Kenny Rogers on the airwaves.


the happy go lucky one said...

im not sure how true is this, but i heard u can easily install those big big plates in ur garden to receive the signals from alien nations wor :P

William said...

Keroncong rawks!

Evann said...

Kenny Rogers on the airwaves? That's strange... How would roasted chicken be on the airwaves? Unless they're really advertising that much!

jason chan said...

true, true... you can see so many houses with a giant parabolic antenna 'hidden' in their garden! go get one for yourself, paul :-)

Darren said...

wakaka! at this age where ipods are the rage i am surprised u guys r still listening to radios.

savante said...

That's for the tv, happy :)

Will remember that for you bday, w!

Gosh. Kenny Rogers is a famous country singer - and he helped built up that brand, evann.

Hardly hidden. And I have seen it, jason :)

Well, you don't get the news on ipods, darren. Or the weather.