Monday, March 26, 2012

Rumour Has It

Free from the shackles of monogamy for the longest time, Fabulous Felix has been busy ... sowing his wild oats so to speak. Though we have denied him free access to Netherfield for his unbridled hoeing, that certainly hasn't stopped the boy from seeking every opportunity to spread some sweet loving.

In the most unlikely places with the most likely strangers.

But therein lies the problem. Furtive one-night-stands remain covertly anonymous in bigger cosmopolitan cities since the chances of a random bump in the streets during the day remain happily low! But in such a small well-connected gay community - even less than two degrees of separation over here, most of these randy fellows are not destined to remain perfect strangers for very long.

David Gandy
Felix : Turn around and look behind.
Paul : Yeah, what?
Felix : Not all the way!! Turn back turn back!

In fact it didn't take that long at all before one of Felix's past indiscretions returned to bite him on his perky ass.

Felix : Oh shit.
Paul : Why is that couple staring at us? They do look familiar.
Felix : That's Ben and Jerry.
Paul : No wonder they look familiar. Let's go say hello.
Felix : Don't! I just found out that I might have fooled around with Jerry.
Paul : Might have?
Felix : It was dark.
Paul : And obviously Ben doesn't know?
Felix : God I hope not.
Paul : That's no problem then!
Felix : I'm not finished. There's also a rumour going around lately. Jerry somehow thinks we're together and I cheated on you with him.
Paul : Love the drama. So I'm playing the wronged lover? Can I slap you for a cheating slut and cause a humiliating scene by tossing champagne in your face?
Felix : Don't you dare!
Paul : Or maybe go weep on Ben's broad shoulders and commiserate over our shared betrayal?
Felix : Funny but don't.

Ooh la la. I just love a good dramatic scene.

Surprised though! Do I appear that blissfully zen these days? I am somewhat astonished that rumour would have it that I'm the sort of shockingly permissive lover who would allow my supposed boyfriend to go tom-catting around while I sit at home darning socks! Such benign forbearance! Don't they know that the last time I had a boyfriend who cheated, I practically set fire to the rain, along with all his other worldly goods?

Simply going up to poor deluded Jerry and telling him the plain, unvarnished truth would be the responsible adult thing to do of course. After all there's no reason to let him continue thinking that Felix and I are an item.

So why do I have a little devil inside me wanting to play up the role of the tortured cuckold wailing of cheating and cruel abandonment?


Kayson said...

Ooh Paul. You're so sexy when you talk about how you set fire to the rain. Men with fire are dangerous and sexy.


Just read that ISO post. How relatable.

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I like the song from Adele.