Saturday, January 28, 2012

Approaching Zen

I've always wondered about maturity.

Dictionary defines it as the state or quality of being fully grown or developed. Makes sense since surely maturity shouldn't just emobody the sags and wrinkles that accompany increasing age. Of course quantifying someone's mental maturity is a little bit harder to estimate.

I think I've found mine though.

Over the new year festivities, the usual whirlwind rounds of house visits had me caught up as friends and family revolved around red packets, pineapple tarts and green tea. Inevitably there's the occasional encounter with strangers that I immediately develop a distaste for. Yes, I am guilty of the rare hate-at-first-sight.

This is really spoiling my zen.

Especially when it comes to unctuous paragons like Peachy McPreachy who hide their acerbic comments under a veil of sweet piousness. Every gossipy chatty comment made by my cousins immediately had her slipping in as the uncalled-for moderator to police our conversation.

Peachy : Ooh that's so not politically correct tee hee.
Cousin : No, it isn't. Your saying so isn't exactly PC either.
Peachy : Hope your cousin doesn't mind but she really shouldn't be saying such things.
Paul : My cousin is much too kind to tell you so but yes, she minds. So butt out.

Have I ever said that I dislike holier-than-thou sanctimonious prigs? I much prefer blunt straightforward bitches.

But I didn't reply in such an unmannerly fashion. I very much wanted to but I didn't. Rather than snap with a suitably scathing reply as is my usual modus operandi, I shrugged, turned away and paid her snippy comments little heed. Sticks and stones and all that. Perhaps years back I would have instinctively leapt on Peachy with a bloody bludgeon and battered her till she surrendered - verbally of course - but this time I found it far less annoying than I would have.

Why bother flying into a rage when that would only have me developing wrinkles!

So yes, maybe I am growing up. Finally.

Or maybe Fabulous Felix, and his patented shield of obliviousness, is clearly rubbing off on me.

I had to hold my far less zen cousin back from strangling Peachy though.


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Tempus said...

Whoa what happened to those comment upstairs man.

anyway, I have those vibes towards certain people anyway, and somehow whatever they say right or wrong ticks me off.

and somehow I'd always twist facts to my advantage, no idea how i did that either.

sometimes i'll just shrug, and just "oh phone call! gtg!"

Aiden said...

I don't think hate at first sight is rare. Not everyone has the balls to admit it so that makes it look like only few people have that trait. That's what I'd like to believe anyway since I do hate at first sight. It's just the aura of the person. Can't help it. Haha.

But I do agree on the growing up bit. Does make sense.

john chen hui long said...

yes, that preternatural stillness can only come with age. and regular botox jabs. ommmm...

rotiboy said...

I have this hate in the first sight too. There are certain people that I really roll my eyes when I see/hear them. Your post actually inspire me to start observing exactly what makes me hate them in the first sight. =)

savante said...

Thanks, websites :)

Now doing my best to shrug them away, tempus.

As you grow older, you just realize that the little things don't actually matter, aiden :)

But botox is painful, john!

Not sure either. But usually goody-two-shoes who advertise the fact irritate me, rotiboy.