Monday, March 21, 2011

The Shield of Obliviousness

In a household comprising of mates who haven't actually been brought up together, you'd expect a teensy bit of friction every once in a while. Hell, it's the basis of situational comedies where unlikely personalities are thrown together such as Three's Company and FRIENDS.

So yeah, Netherfield with its tenants has had its share of ... friction. We've all developed our own inimitable ways of dealing with the sporadic altercation of course. For us all to live together reasonably harmoniously, I tend to let the little things slide more often than not. All very zen.

Which allows us all to rub along quite tolerably.

Kat : I've got something to say.
Paul : Good grief.

Unlike Kool Kat who hasn't exactly cottoned on to the fact that she's elected to live with two guys. Card-carrying homosexuals we might be but we're still laidback fellows.

Kat : Someone has to take out the trash in the kitchen. Full of broken eggs and discarded vegetables. It could draw fleas and cockroaches.
Paul : Eeew. That's gross. Fortunately I don't actually cook so it's between you two.
Kat : Felix, don't you think it's getting a bit much? The trash is piling!
Felix : I like my shoes.

So I usually listen and nod agreeably to acknowledge the near daily diatribes from our well-meaning Kat on the shocking mismanagement of duties in the household. Followed by a mildly apathetic shrug. My way of dealing.

Certainly nothing to be compared to Felix! Judging by the non sequitur from Fabulous Felix, I am beginning to think our evolutionary survivalist Felix has developed a special defense mechanism in response to the daily barrage of assaults.

The Shield of Obliviousness.

Paul : Okay. What the fuck was that all about?
Felix : Huh?
Paul : You don't remember?
Felix : Remember what?

While Kool Kat rages onwards with her well cogitated tirade, I could see that her audience - our Felix - had already gotten himself armed with the Shield. Blithelessly staring down at his shoes, Felix seemed totally absorbed by the detailing on his sports sneakers, utterly oblivious to what she was ranting about.

Seriously, the day-dreaming clouds quartered with the mind-blanking haze of ignorance with twin amnesiacs as supporters could be emblazoned on his door as a personal coat of arms! In fact Kat could be raining down hails of poisonous arrows and it'd probably slide ineffectively off his mental shield! And at the end of the day, he can't even recall what happened.

Obviously a superior solution to suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.


Life for Beginners said...

I'd laugh but I'm the designated trash-thrower in my household. Grrr... :P

Little Fox said...

Sounds like the underpinnings for a new reality show: two marys and a hag.

Janvier said...

I like my shoes! Hahaha!

But we guess the Shield probably came to be to escape the torments of a prison warden.

Kay said...

I have started to love HIMYM and I love Ted!

Totally unrelated, I know, but HEH :D

*sweeps fringe*