Friday, March 25, 2011

Drinks Before Surgery

Certainly not recommending a tipple before holding the scalpel of course.

Not even for the one under the knife. Unfortunately very few patients know that drinking alcohol, even days before surgery, can be deadly. Seems even a single session of careless bingeing can reduce the immune system efficiency for a time.

Regrettably much too late a warning for Veracious Vernon.

Despite the serious lack of anything close to a gay social life here, Fabulous Felix still miraculously managed to pick up this gregarious fellow at a bar. Since it was a first-time meet, I'd opted to come along as a pretend chaperone / wing man. In case Vernon turned out to be a drooling troll unfit to be seen in public. Or even worse, a rapacious casanova seeking to divest Felix of what little had had in material possessions.

Drinks are on me!

Lucky for Felix, it turns out Vernon's neither. Just a friendly average joe with a serious penchant for alcohol. 99 Bottles of Beer on his wall just might not be enough for him.

Paul : That's a lotta drinks. What's the occasion?
Vernon : Oh drinking as much as I can! It's my last great bash before going for elective surgery tomorrow.
Paul : What a coinkydink!
Vernon : Why?
Paul : I'm your doctor tomorrow.
Vernon : OMG What! You're pulling my leg.
Paul : I'm not. I can do that tomorrow though.
Vernon : Oh shit.
Paul : Now hand me that bottle of beer. Then go home and get some sleep.

What a killjoy doctors can be.


Anonymous said...

so did he turn of for the surgery?
Did we rub it in?

Tempus said...

ditto that! I told off multiple parties about all the fun they have with the possible diseases and disasters they might have after fun! It's fun to look at their "shit-seriously?" faces XD

savante said...

Think he still drank till the surgery was done, anon :)

I've told them all sorts of nightmarish stories about the hospital as well, tempus.

Anonymous said...

love ur bedtime stories.. let me know how i can reach u... my email is