Monday, January 09, 2012

What Strength!

I'm starting to understand why fitness centers actually charge quite a fair bit. Think a whole lot of that chunk goes into maintenance of the equipment and the environs.

Seriously. These boys really don't know their own strength.

Or perhaps they do know. And the boys just love to break stuff as a proof of their own testosterone-soaked machismo.

Hunk : What? You think I'm the one? I didn't do it, I swear!
Paul : I don't believe you. I guess I'll have to interrogate. With whips and chains.

How else to explain the sudden spate of broken hinges and hooks all over the relatively new gym? Almost every other week, new wall hooks are placed in the locker room and showers only to have them peremptorily snapped off the week after. Judging by the way the hulking gymbots forcefully slam their locker doors, I'm not terribly surprised. Palpable tremors from the physical energy expended would probably register high on the Richter magnitude scale.

Then again just a twitch of their enviable biceps would probably yank the hooks off.

You know when Clark Kent doesn't quite realize his awesome Kryptonian strength and decides to punch a wall out of frustration?

Paul : Wall hook in the shower has snapped off again.
Manager : Good God. Again?
Paul : Guess it's part and parcel of running a gym!
Manager : Tell me about it. One guy even crushed and twisted off the metal handle on the door!
Paul : Call that a Hulk-out moment.

And that's only the locker room. Imagine the gym itself with all the equipment and machines. At the rate these boys keep dropping dumbbells and tossing barbells with deafening thuds, I wouldn't be surprised if the much-abused cement floor were to give way one day!

Certainly would give new meaning to It's Raining Men.


ooi2009 said...

wow , u have topped urself again pic ever ...damn , so good laaaaa

Rad Sujanto said...

LOLOL @ Paul : I don't believe you. I guess I'll have to interrogate. With whips and chains.

The manager should make the gym center door-less so the men have to break a thick wall first to get in!

savante said...

THanks again, ooi.

But that would make it a prison, rad! Making the whips and chains even more probable.