Saturday, January 07, 2012

Crouching Iguana, Hidden Dragon

Turns out my blog post yesterday - with the aptly fitting title of the Dragon Comes Knocking - was oddly prophetic.

Didn't take very long for one to actually come knocking at my door. Sorry to disappoint but it's not a celestial dragon flying down from the heavens for tea but a much smaller, more accessible version that dropped by for a visit.

What if it's dangerous!

Think the animated Mushu with dry scales in green.

Utterly oblivious as usual, Fabulous Felix munched through half his lunch before realizing that he had been joined by an unseasonable guest.

Felix : OMG. There's an iguana in the house.
Paul : Lazing on the couch watching the telly with chips in hand?
Felix : Well it isn't munching on the chips.
Paul : There really is an iguana?! Good God, we really are in the jungle!
Felix : It's freaking four feet long! What do I do?
Paul : Shove it out of the house with a broom!
Felix : Eeek! What if it bites me!
Paul : Then run!
Felix : Hmm.
Paul : Then again, it's a little dragon. Maybe it's an auspicious sign.
Felix : Oh wait, it's leaving on its own accord.
Paul : Did it bite my books?

Talk about an unwelcome surprise. On hindsight, we should have caught it and sold it to the local exotic meats restaurant. I'm sure the locals here would find a way to saute / fry / steam the bugger.

As much of an Anglophile as I am, I'm pretty Chinese inside as well. Though I might not wholeheartedly believe in superstitious mumbo-jumbo, there's still a niggling little part that wonders if the coming of the iguana's an auspicious sign! For a Dragon year no less! Not that the iguana actually did much in the house; calmly rustled through some boxes, lazed on the couch and then nonchalantly toddled away into the vast backyard.

Hope it didn't lay any eggs.

First one I called was my unconventional grandmother of course. Pretty sure the Magnum 4D-loving lady has a number to match the uncommon sighting of an iguana.


DeluSion said...

Not the most pleasant guest I think. I spent one night with a salamander in my room before. (Speak about oblivious!)

rotiboy said...

oh the drain around my house has always been big lizards' favourite place to hang out. I've always seen them. And they used to fight with my dog for dog food. I've even seen a pangolin at my house compound before. Super auspicious place eh? =D

ooi2009 said...

u get good picz

savante said...

I'm sure it was scary, delusion! Probably have run screaming to find a broom though.

OMG where is your house, rotiboy!

Thanks, ooi!


Kay said...

Havent encountered a dragon, but plenty of snakes defo. All human snakes though.

OH WAIT, there was one dragon.

Human also.

In bed.