Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prosperity Colours

Hopefully by the time you're reading this, I'd have found my bright canary yellow shirt.

Ever since my cousins and I started earning our very own paychecks, we have started this tradition of dressing up for Chinese New Year. Buying snazzy new gear from head to toe isn't just for the kids anymore! And each year, we tend to stick to a particular theme to match.

Much to my everlasting dismay, someone picked yellow this year as an homage to our family name!

Bet none of you would be terribly surprised but this town isn't exactly a renowned mecca of fashion - actually quite the opposite - so finding a reasonably dapper man's shirt in a shade of yellow is almost impossible. Turns out men's shirts here are only available in the usual conservative blacks, blues and greens.

And unfortunately everything else less conventional turned out to be unashamedly tacky... with metal hooks / zippers / rubber implements.

Or it's a yellow golf tee.

Unless I want to dress up as a Taiwanese pop icon ready for the stage or a golf course caddy, I figure I'd better head back home to find a better fit.

Dammit, maybe if it's dark they won't notice it's not exactly yellow.

So to all who are heading home for the reunion, have a Happy Chinese New Year!


Chen Xing said...

Blessed Chinese New Year to you !


Rad Sujanto said...

Well I always thought red is the only color that's appropriate during CNY ahahaha

I'm planning on wearing my red cardigan for tomorrow! ;)

I'm curious of what you actually look like.

Tempus said...

I hate my CNY.

Happy CNY to you though XD

Kenny Mah said...

A yellow golf tee sounds fine to me... but then again my fashion sense is near non-existent.

Me and my nieces are all in various shades of black and grey today. Tradition/convention is so lost on us! :P

Matt. K. said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Paul. It's been a while since I last dropped by and boy, how I missed reading your stuff. I still enjoy it every bit as I did the last time.

Few things I noticed:
1. Darren Criss. <3
2. You came out to your mom (family?)
3. You're still with Calvin.

I'm so happy and excited for you. Hope every other part of your life is going swell.


ooi2009 said...

darren crisss!

john chen hui long said...

yellow is tricky! i hope you're not fair-skinned. ;) happy new year just the same!

savante said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too, chen xing!

Well it all depends, rad :) Other colours can be pretty auspicious too. Anyway after thirty years, I already have an entire bunch of reds in my closet.

Ouch. WHat's happening there, tempus!

But surely not a golf tee for CNY, kenny!

Hi, matt. Hope you have been doing well too.

OH yes, ooi.

It is pretty tricky. Not sure if you'd consider me fair-skinned but I'm not tanned, john.


rotiboy said...

Happy CNY! =)