Friday, September 23, 2011

Sex Barter

Lucky the boys these days.

Even horny fellas this far away from the civilized gay meccas find it easy enough to hook up with the immediate accessibility of Grindr ( and various other internet sites ) only a quick finger stroke away. Technology coupled with the availability of the internet everywhere has made the arduous search for one-night-stands almost effortless.

Sometimes one click is all it takes.

Obviously our randy Fabulous Felix has been eager enough to join in all the orgiastic fun. Although we have declared Netherfield off-limits to his amatory adventures - who knows if there are psycho axe-murderers around these parts - that hasn't stopped him from seeking pleasurable pursuits in other more questionable venues.

Kinda like the infamous roaming Toyota Alphards that cruise around pimping out nubile working girls.

Alright, now who do I have to fuck around here for a pomelo?

Except Felix is gay.

And Felix doesn't accept payment in the form of monetary rewards from his partners. Nothing so crass! Shockingly egalitarian, our accomodating fellow prefers the ancient method of barter exchange instead.

Paul : Is that a pomelo?
Felix : Yes, he handed me a pomelo as I walked out the door.
Paul : A pomelo as payment for services rendered?
Felix : Umm... possibly.
Paul : Not bad. Aim for a durian next, yeah?

Give a fruit to get a fruit.

At least he's well appreciated. Surely Felix must have done something right in bed to deserve the pomelo! Wonder what would earn him a fruit basket.


Anonymous said...

Tech users aplenty there, prolly should scan it near Curtin or Boulevard area lol


savante said...

Easily found everywhere, helix. Surprisingly! Even in the remote areas!