Monday, September 26, 2011

Four Days to Take-off

Unsurprisingly boys don't have as much hang-ups when it comes to sex.

Barring the spectre of sexually transmitted diseases, boys don't usually have to deal with the burgeoning aftermath of a sloppy one-night-stand for the next nine months. Easy enough to have thoughtless hook-ups when you don't have to deal with that kinda responsibility afterwards.

So you can imagine two horny gay boys with little or no hang-ups when it comes to sex. No, anonymous one-night-stands aren't exactly uncommon in our world.

Stereotypical depictions of homosexuality would have the boys tearing their clothes off even before they can reach for a condom. Not true however since gay sex - which includes anal penetration, possibly the hallmark of gay sex - necessitates some amount of preparation prior to the act. Protection, lube, perhaps the occasional enema. Without the proper prep, just an invading finger followed by a hasty fuck would produce some truly undesirable results.

Prelude to a kiss?

Of course then we have some boys who take special precautions while preparing for the event.

Felix : Well, he can't make it today.
Paul : Fuck-buddy too busy for anonymous no-strings-attached sex?
Felix : Says he can only meet up four days from now. He needs time to prepare.
Paul : Prepare for four days? Is he into some kinda wild kink?
Felix : He wants to save himself till then.
Paul : Save it? Like a fixed deposit?
Felix : Yeah, he wants to save up sperm for four days. Abstinence till then.
Paul : For the performance of a lifetime? Is he planning a gushing Vesuvius?
Felix : Obviously.
Paul : Well hello Pompeii.

Apart from porn stars prepping for their spurting debut, it's the first time I've heard of someone saving up for four days.

Turns out his fuck-buddy refrains from any and all sexual activity, which includes the occasional wank, prior to the much-anticipated tryst just to guarantee optimum performance. So why four days? Damned if I know. Perhaps the anonymous fellow has made his own personal study comparing volume and consistency of semen to days of abstinence.

Probably hoping to impress the judges with his... effusiveness.

Me, I have no preference. Whether a spurt or a dribble, does it matter?


the island guy said...

He's Mr. Incredibly Desciplined.

Chen Xing said...

Well, being prepared is always a good thing.

GVP said...

I have just came across your blog, and I just love it !

Well, the thought of contracting an STD refrains me from going to wild for sure. This is certainly attributed by the veterinary medical training that I'm receiving; getting to know too much about nasty pathogens, and becoming paranoid. But, I guess one cannot be too careful about this sort of thing.
Not having to worry about the nine month aftermath is a given for us.

Saving for four days is rather amusing, but I have done that for a different purpose - for a different purpose. I guess your friend is getting ready to show his quantity and quality there.

For me, I certainly look for quality :)

savante said...

Agreed, island guy :) Though I find it a bit weird to keep it for FOUR days!

Guess it takes all sorts, chen xing.

Thanks GVP. Yeha, I'm a bit paranoid about STDs as well especially after seeing some horrible disfiguring warts at work! Now you've made me curious on why you're saving it four days.