Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet Me at the Carwash

Though I participated in almost every club or society in school, I'll have to admit I wasn't exactly an active member in all of them. Honestly, half the so-called organizations in school were already hobbling on their last legs anyhow with barely one meeting per semester. Easy enough to sign up at the beginning of the year and then disappear for the rest of the nonexistent meetings.

However I - like every other kiasu overachiever out there - always considered co-curricular activities as one of the nonsensical labours we have to schlepp through just to get the necessary tick on our soon-to-be-glowing school resume. Certainly took a considerable backseat to our all-important academics back then.

Shockingly lean times for extracurricular activities, even more so since I studied in a mission school, known here for their notoriously beggarly state after being sidelined by the government. Obviously no free handouts available so the ever-enthusiastic students usually had to lend a hand to boost the club finances!

Can still recall the times we had canteen days, odd-job weeks and the irksome jogathon just to raise funds for our various activities. After all, we just couldn't wait to get out of the interminable boredom of endless classes. For some peculiar reason I was perpetually voted in as the club treasurer several times over so all I did was hunker down in the shade, occasionally with my trusty umbrella, and count the profits made while the other less fortunate members slaved away under the blistering sun.

What! I'm an ideas kinda guy! I don't do the grunt work!

However as I soon learned from my teacher friend, I'm considered insanely active back then in comparison to some of his students now!

Teacher : We need money to fund our trip to the competition.
Student : But how?
Teacher : Well we need to go find it?
Student : But how?
Teacher : We need to go find it?
Student : But how?
Teacher : We raise it through raffle tickets, odd jobs or performances.
Student : But how?

They so stupid yes.

Rather than showing any sort of initiative to help, the students stared blankly at the teacher without offering any constructive comments. Might as well be asking a brick wall. When I think of the brainstorming sessions we had back in school just to raise money, I gotta say thank God I'm not their hapless teacher now since I would have thrown the book at the zombie students.

God, please keep me away from stuttering idiots.


matt said...

on the other hand, if you show too much initiative, you never get any free money! looking stupid can be tactical..

savante said...

That kinda makes sense, matt :) Maybe you're right and they just don't want the work.