Monday, September 05, 2011

All About a Girl

Old-fashioned doctrine states that homosexual men all have a secret desire to become women. Haven't we all heard that old cliche before?

Seriously? So not true though. Though I am sure some of my gay brothers would love nothing more than to strut around in a little black dress, I can assure you I have no such fantasies. Lemme tell ya I love women to bits but I have no desire to walk in their skyscraper heels. Well, maybe for a couple of steps just to see how it feels, and I gotta admit the shoes are sexy. But not forever. Dealing with periods, pills and pads just isn't worth the Manolos.

For now at least being a guy is nice enough. And yeah, I still prefer dating men as well.


Given the choice though, I have an odd feeling that I'd be the sorta girl everyone else loves to hate. Or at least the angry, take-charge Miss Independents I know would hate.

Figured it all out while watching my galpals duke it out with their straight beaus. Starting to figure out that the boys usually like one kinda girl.

You know the sort.

Pretty little princess waiting to be saved. Cutesy, bubbly with a pretty pink bow on the head, a giggle on the lips and a wiggle of the hips - all to cultivate a distinct physical helplessness to match the impractical clothes and the towering heels. Certainly not above resorting to feminine wiles to get her way. I know being a girl doesn't mean being all weak, whiny and wimpy but you'll have to admit it's so much easier to get away with as a pouty girl. After all, the boys just love to have someone to lean on their broad macho shoulders.

Can't be tough all the time, can I? And why bother banging heads to get my way when I can easily bat my mascared eyelashes just to get things done? So much easier... *giggle*

I'd be pretty insufferable. Back in school, Piratin Patty would probably hire a hit squad for me.


Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Somehow I would imagine you'd have no problems in taking care of that hit squad in a heartbeat. Maybe less. ;)

savante said...

EVen more efficient if I had a taser gun, kenny!