Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home II

Given time, they say the home actually comes to reflect the owners themselves. Certainly makes sense since the owner would presumably lavish care and attention to the home according to their tastes and fancies.

You are where you live?

Felon with evil intention?

In the past I used to imagine that my home sweet home would probably be a lavish double-storey Moorish-style bungalow set in a quiet part of town. My recent lodgings in Netherfield - a reasonably close replica of my dream home, albeit a poorer, tackier version - has taught me otherwise. Even now I find myself fearful that the lavish exteriors - and the shockingly extensive grounds - would tempt wicked felons to pay a visit.

With nefarious intentions.

Paul : Damn. I am far too paranoid to stay in such a place.
My ISO : Get a damned apartment already.
Paul : Like yours? If only! Don't think they have double-storey duplexes here.
My ISO : A tiny duplex mind you, especially compared to the monstrous house you have there!
Paul : Even the security there wouldn't offer any solace.
My ISO : Good God.
Paul : I need traps. And alarms. And electrified fences. And guard dogs.
My ISO : And a deep moat filled with starving crocodiles?
Paul : Maybe a couple of piranhas?

Security is obviously everything to me.

Not forgetting the secret tunnels and passageways that would connect various rooms - for the rare occasion that I would need to make a quick escape. With all the enemies I've inadvertently made, who knows when I might need it!


Savoir said...

reminds me of the remnants of Kellie's castle.

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

The deep moat? Starving crocodiles? Lovely touch. *snickers*