Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pink Mafia

If you think Malaysia is wildly intolerant of homosexuals, I wouldn't blame you.

With an infamous politician being relentlessly persecuted over an alleged sodomy charge, you're probably thinking this country's stuck way back in much less enlightened times - where the love that dare not speak its name would mean hard labour, hard fare and a hard bed.

While the draconian penal code still holds to such Victorian prudery, you'll find gay men literally gaily walking the streets these days quite unencumbered by any hint of intolerance. Well, almost none. Still got a way to go before we hold our first gay parade but violent gay-bashing on the streets isn't exactly the norm.

In fact, and this surprised me, we actually have quite a number of influential men in the halls of power indulging in just such a crime. Buggery, that is. At least that's what has been claimed by an article leaked by the United States embassy.

Minister : Wonder how I should misuse my powers tomorrow.

Basically it just mentions that a recent cabinet minister, senior staff associated with the prime minister and other prominent citizens linked to the government have been participating in 'non-heterosexual behavour'.

Think Pink Mafia.

Much too soon to clap and cheer though since it's quite obvious that the two-faced fellows up there in the office aren't interested in lending a hand to any of their struggling gay brethren. Wouldn't be surprised to find a couple so deep into their bigoted closets that they would refuse to be named as such. Hence the ludicrous 'non-heterosexual behaviour' mentioned above.

So don't expect any homophobic legislation being overturned anytime soon. The self-serving government homos are far too involved with scrabbling up the slimy political ladder to bother about unpopular issues such as the fledgling gay rights movement here.

Still, it makes an interesting sidenote, don't you think? Certainly makes you wonder just how the boys from the United States received that juicy bit of information! Gay spies anyone?


Tom said...

I am really surprised. Really.

savante said...

Sarcasm? Haha :) Well maybe not surprised but it certainly was nice to have it confirmed that gay men are actually everywhere.

Cyren said...

Hi~ thanks for dropping by :D

Was lookin' for your chatbox but I couldn't find it. Anyway its not the scratching you need to worry about with some birds, it's the biting ;)

ooi2009 said...

i really didnt know doctors could have naughty urges too !

Tom said...

Oh Savante, I really do! With all those balding, egoistic, money eating males inside the office who thinks they're bringing their wealth into the coffin, that's the last place on Earth that I'll think gay men actually exist. More so here!

john chen hui long said...

i'm not surprised at all. :-)attended a big party in kl and found so many 'happy courtiers' fawning over the tai tais and their husbands. at dinner they amused themselves with double entendres that had the men roaring with laughter. happy town withhappy campers!

SynchingZincInc said...

Got distracted by the