Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Theory of Evolution

I don't actually think people change.

Don't believe all those betrayed spouses who wail that the person they married has changed. Led astray by rose-tinted glasses, they probably didn't look hard enough.

Short of something wildly improbable such as a corrective lobotomy or a religious epiphany the likes of the road to Damascus, people generally remain the same throughout their lives. Perhaps with a reasonable bit of tweaks here and there, all thanks to a little something I'd like to call evolution.

Yeah, we evolve as we grow older. Our true selves don't really change all that much but we do learn to mask our less... appealing qualities in more palatable ways. For lack of a better expression, we actually evolve to conform to societal expectations. Obviously the recalcitrant few who don't end up as reluctant inmates in our prisons and asylums for a time.

Slowly, we learn to suppress our less socially acceptable instincts...

As we grow older, even I have learnt to hide my crazier impulses to present a more acceptable image - lest I be judged as a psychotic micromanaging control freak. Despite the fact that I'd love to make decisions for everyone I know - and even some I don't, I've learnt to suppress those megalomaniacal fantasies.

Well enough that some are even fooled by it.

Paul : Well I love babies before they reach 2 years of age!
Friend : But why!
Paul : They start forming opinions of their own.
Friend : Does that mean u don't like opinions, hence you are a control freak?
Paul : Of course I am a control freak.
Friend : Really? You don't seem like one!
Paul : I am so a control freak.
Calvin : Albeit a subtle one.

And just the other day I had a friend who was shocked when I revealed my utter annoyance over the motherfricking slow drivers here. Thought it was pretty obvious that I'd love to run over the entire phlegmatic lot with a deadly steamroller. And then shift to reverse to properly finish the homicidal job.

But as it turns out my recently acquired chill zen act has everyone hoodwinked.

People don't really change but yes, we do evolve.


Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

I've a feeling Miri drivers wouldn't survive in KL and vice versa. Differences in their natural speeds and all. :P

two horns child said...

How nice if every prick in the world are like you, willing to evolve. The world would be a greater place.

ooi2009 said...

im having manboobs , how can i cure it doc sexy ?:(

Chen Xing said...

No doubt, we evolve and some for better..and some for worst....

Booker said...

"..And then shift to reverse to properly finish the homicidal job."

Loved that bit! LOL... cause some days that's EXACTLY what I feel like doing!