Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boobs & Balls

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Surely not a difficult concept to grasp since it's quite obvious - despite rabid feminists staunchly insisting we're all the same - that men and women are significantly different! And why would we want to be any other way?

Case in point the nurses I work with - who just happen to be an all-female crew by the way. Since I'd prefer a little more parity in the workplace, I've actually made a petition for male nurses. Preferably a sexy strapping nurse with a fetish for being strapped down and spanked. But I digress.

Back to my nurses. When you work in an overwhelmingly female environment, you tend to pick up a few things, especially the behaviour of girls when they all get together. Pairing up to visit the bathroom, I think everyone already knows this. Even sharing the tiny changing rooms we have, I can accept.

Close encounters of the male kind?

But what I find odd is how ... forward they can get with each other. Curiously enough the nurses actually spend their break time comparing bra sizes. I kid you not. Reminiscent of the naughtiest wet dream fantasy of every pimpled adolescent schoolboy, these pretty young nurses take some time off from regular ward work to poke, prod and palpate each other's breasts.

Apparently for no particular reason. Just because.

And they make shockingly brazen comments on size, shape and structure.

Despite what you may erroneously think, these girls are all reasonably straight. Some even happily married with a passel of kids. Hardly any Sapphic thought whatsoever.

Obviously this easily boils down to the difference between the sexes since seriously, the mind boggles over such a similarly compromising situation occurring between a couple of straight fellas.

Joe : Whoa, man. Looks like you have hefty piece there.
Jack : Oh yeah? Why not give it a feel?
Joe : Like this? Mind if I squeeze it a little?
Jack : Go ahead. Yeah, that feels good.
Joe : Nice balls too man. Low hangers.
Jack : Born lucky that way.
Joe : I've always wanted balls like that. Looks so good in briefs!
Jack : Certainly does. Though I wouldn't say no to a perky bubble-butt like yours!

Oh yeah straight guys don't talk like that in the locker room. Not unless it's a raunchy prelude for a B-grade gay porn.

Somehow guys are brought up to be just a little bit more guarded when it comes to their personal space. Even more so when it deals with the more private areas. Infringement on said nether regions would probably result in a violent altercation. If Joe had dared approach anywhere near inappropriate, wild alarm bells would have started signalling in Jack's primitive male brain. Close encounters of the male kind would trigger the dangerous primal fear every straight man has of the predatory homosexual.

Obviously boys don't touch each other in Mars.


Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

"Like this? Mind if I squeeze it a little?"

Well, at least they're being polite about it. Hehe.

rotiboy said...

There was once in my adolescence I wondered why girls can huddle each other in public whereas any boys behave that way instantly get labelled as being sissy. But at the end I accepted the fact that guys and girls are simply different, although I can't get a logical reason why guys should not behave that way. Maybe guys are born with a certain degree of homophobia.

two horns child said...

I think i just experienced a real life lesson on this subject. Somehow i cannot accept that! "why cannot?" Maybe breast doesn't "grow" instantly and guy's will. Seriously i wouldn't mind if my best mate does it. Or maybe we should compare orange to orange and apple to apple. Thank god they don't compare vagina. "Oh? look at those loose ends!"

ooi2009 said...

i wonder how pple in their 30's talk abt erotic stuff like this ....i wonder as they are so serious

Lish said...

Is there a way to write you? I am a mom (from almost the same neck of the woods)of an 18 year old boy, who I highly suspect is gay. I just want to know what you would have wanted your mom to do(not do) at that age. He's just a regular 18 year old, with no tell tale signs, but a mother's instincts speaks volumes sometimes. I don't want to end up like Madame Borgia ;)
p/s I watch the same tv series as you do.

savante said...

Well I'm always polite, kenny! :)

Unfortunately I think the homophobia is taught in our schools and society in general, rotiboy.

Definitely, two horns child.

Of course we're not always serious, ooi! And we still love erotica :)

Not a problem, lish. The address would be


Janvier said...

Our coursemates used to talk about the colours of their periods!