Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Devil In Me

Forbidden fruit always tastes so good.

Even when you have no intention of ever, ever taking a bite.

Remember Harry Huevos and his heady homophobia? Since I've known him, I don't entirely believe it but my friends insist that it's hidden there in his nuanced subtext. Nuance? Subtext? Hard to believe since Harry's generally a simple, easygoing fellow; doubt he actually imbues his words with that much significance.

Getting curiouser and curiouser.

Reasonable right-minded folks would tell us to leave him well enough alone. But then I've never been all that reasonable. Never been all that right in mind obviously. And like any born troublemaker, I love poking around repeatedly just to see what kinda reaction I can get. :)

So? Are you really homophobic?

Since Piratin Patty, as his recently anointed girlfriend, has first dibs on him, I knew I had to tell her of my cruel intentions.

Paul : You sure Harry is homophobic?
Patty : Gay boys freak him out.
Paul : To test that theory, can I poke around Harry just to get a homophobic rise out of him?
Patty : Eh, why not? Would keep things interesting here.
Paul : I might pinch his ass for fun.
Patty : You gotta buy me lunch then.
Paul : Pimping the boyfriend?
Patty : Gotta be at least worth chicken rice.
Paul : Come save me if he beats me up, yeah?
Patty : Rescue costs extra. The lunch had better come with dessert.
Paul : Maybe we should send Felix to test the waters instead.

Easy enough to come up with a plan since when Harry's not squiring Patty around the town, he actually partners up with me for dancing. Coincidentally he's my teacher as well. Maybe an intimate dance at close quarters like the argentine tango?

Poor Harry Huevos probably won't see it coming.


Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Hmm... that would sure be one tangle of a tango then! :P

Savoir said...

sin always appears tasty. Then comes judgement. Perhaps from within..

All for bending the steel?

worth it. ;)

Ash Godiva said...

Bend the arrow using 1 or ALL of the 7 sins.muahahaha

forbidden fruits are SO YUMMY i tried it before,hehehe

Janvier said...

Gonna hold him lower than the waist? ;)

ooi2009 said...

janvier , can u hold me below the waist ?