Monday, August 15, 2011

Unexpectedly Emo

Usually make fun of my friends - and Charming Calvin - when they spend their evenings singing karaoke to the weepiest sob songs ever made. Weep, whine and whimper wails - tearful tragedies full of breakups and breakdowns with the hapless protagonist inevitably ending up weeping alone in a dark solitary corner. All By Myself much?

Who knew I'd be fooled into liking an unexpectedly emo song as well!
Well, certain songs you just can't get out of your head - and for the past week I've actually had this playing in mine.

Pretty Korean boys dancing and bopping all over the stage to a catchy tune? Surely not a maudlin love ballad! Or at least that's what I thought when I casually mentioned it to Bibimbap Ben.

Paul : Starting to like the song. Have it on constant replay in my head!
Ben : Seriously? And you're always so anti weepy sentimental songs!
Paul : Weepy? It's a damned fast track with an annoyingly catchy beat! Surely it's not some mushy emotional number.
Ben : That's what you think. Go check out the lyrics.
Paul : Really? They don't look all that sad in the video! Well maybe the last scene.
Ben : It's super mushy.

Didn't take me long to find it. Short of having a sleeping dictionary the likes of Choi Siwon by my side, I doubt I'd understand Korean anytime soon! Fortunately rabid fans of Super Junior - who understand the language - are everywhere online ready to please. In fact there were several to choose from with pages dedicated to dissecting each and every verse of their lyrics.

You're calling me?

And boy, talk about emotional. Let me give you a brief snippet.

Oh whatever anyone anyone says, it doesn’t matter to me
Oh whoever whoever curses me, I’ll only look at you
Even when I’m born again, it’s still only you
Even as time goes by

Oh when you tell me you love me
When you tell me thousands and millions of times
Even when my heart sets on fire, my dry lips wear out
Even when I’m born again, it’s still only you

Good grief!

Super sentimental schmaltzy much :) Even reading the effusive verses gives me goose-bumps! No wonder Ben found it amazing that I loved the song!


ooi2009 said...

i hate the KPOP shit coz they are too fake , materialistic and not manly at all .

And unfortunately , many young chinese guys are following the footsteps to be that materialistic and its crap really

savante said...

But so terribly addictive sometimes, ooi :)


Anonymous said...

I remember reading this post before...quite recently too!! :)

Vincent~ said...

same here.... i think i read this b4... hmm.... oooorrr i am manifesting super dejavu powers! woots!

savante said...

YOu're not the only one with deja vu :) Thought I wrote this before but it's catalogued as never posted oddly enough.