Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chasing Cabi

With a blazing summer clearly striding in around the corner, it's just about time some of us started hitting the gym hard! Speedos and trunks coming out for the lazy days by the beach, all the better to show off the much-vaunted six-pack abs that has everyone drooling in envy.

With my fatal love affair with scrumptiously fried delicacies ( what bloody transfats! ), I've long accepted that as an impossible dream for myself a long time ago. Just to avoid a jiggling potbelly is enough of a desired goal for me.

Obviously not the case for a friend I've dubbed Bibimbap Ben - called him that due to the uncanny likeness our pretty fair-skinned fellow shares with several Korean popstars. For the past few months, he has had one really important personal ambition. Goals and objectives all marked in a folder he has dubbed Cabi for entirely obvious reasons seen in the video clip below.

Don't think Ben has any ambitions of running slow-mo on the beach in red swimtrunks but he certainly wouldn't mind looking like a hot lifeguard.

Paul : You already look pretty good la.
Ben : I wanna look better! Cabi cabi!
Paul : So that's your daily mantra to starve and workout?
Ben : Have it playing non-stop on my mp3 player.
Paul : You do know the korean stars are probably locked up in a gym with only a cube of cheese to sustain themselves everyday?
Ben : Lock me up!
Paul : Don't tempt me.
Ben : I need to do 600 sit-ups a day to get six-pack abs!
Paul : That would come up to about 10 every half hour! When would you find the time to sleep?

All the luck in the world to him :)

Take a look at my abs!

No denying the Korean boys look really good in skinny slacks - and even skinnier jeans! But to maintain such an slim, willowy figure just to show off those well-defined abs, I wouldn't be surprised if they are half-starved with malnutrition all the time! Add that to the crazy workouts and I wonder if the boys faint half the time. Maybe they really are locked up by their talent managers and allowed out only for concerts, fan signings and spa treatments!

Obviously not easy being a Korean popstar! Endless trips to the gym? Skinless chicken breasts and salads for meals all the time? Seriously admire their unwavering dedication! Wonder if waving a dripping slab of bulgogi in front of a boyband would raise a stampede.


Tom said...

Imagining hot boys going on a stampede.... LOL

SynchingZincInc said...

2pm = eye candy :)

savante said...

Now you've got me thinking of them in SPeedos as well, tom!

Definitely delish, sync.

kliu said...

i so wish i had a sexy doctor do a checkup

houlliterative.hoult said...

Bibimbap Ben... a quadruple alliteration... how creative!

In your recent post on Xavier you didn't mention what you thought of pre-Beast Dr Hank McCoy...

savante said...

Wish I had a sexy intern too, kliu!

Kept thinking of Hank as the fellow from Skins! Distracted, hoult!

Tempus said...

what about singaporean swimmers??!!!

Hdaran said...

Well, my comment, only pertinent to audio-visuals (or just visuals; snapshots to be clear); airbrushing, that's to be thought of!!!