Thursday, June 23, 2011


Horror stories obviously abound in the hospital. What with souls leaving for the hereafter every once in a while it comes as no surprise that a few reluctant dissenters would hang around a bit just to haunt the ones left behind. Mortuary maidens dripping with blood, elevator ethereals flipping the floors...

You get all sorts here.

With quite a few of the urban legends tweaked and exaggerated to scare the newer employees to the hospital during the late hours of the night shift :)

Then every once in a while, some of the stories actually do come true.

Heard the one where a grandmother dies right before her grandchild is born?

Maybe if they hate the baby, I can have it!

Well it actually happened just yesterday. Turns out the mother is being wheeled into the delivery room just as the grandmother falls into a deathly swoon in the waiting room. To cut the story short, CPR is commenced - *huff huff puff puff* - only to be followed by the inevitable, terrifyingly conclusive beep of death.

Only to have the newborn babe draw breath several rooms down the hall.

Paul : OMG We are in the set of a freaking movie.
Nurse : What do you mean?
Paul : This old lady just died. A baby - her grandchild - is just born!
Nurse : Poor baby would be cursed by the unforgiving relatives!
Paul : But think about it! It could be reincarnation at work. The granny has come back as the grandbaby.
Nurse : Eek. That's creepy!
Paul : Yes. A movie called Operation Rebirth!
Nurse : Hope the relatives think like you!
Paul : If they wanna hate the newborn baby, they can bloody well leave the baby with me.

Really hope no one blames the innocent babe. Not that I believe in reincarnation entirely but surely there is something to be said about returning to try again. Always believed that one lifetime surely isn't enough for all of us to correct our past mistakes after all.

And it saves so much on botox and knee replacements.


Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Poor baby. Maybe the family will be kind and not let the child know the grandmother died during his/her birth?

Very horror-movie-storyline-ish indeed.

rotiboy said...

poor baby.. i hope the family is not superstitious..

Sam Nasser said...

Not a new idea. :)

My grandma passed away 10 days before my sister was born. Always keep thinking that she has somehow come back again - considering that she acts very much like my grandma.

It's just superstition. ;)

Tempus said...

so the superstitious beyond reach drama queens. the curse starts only when the family goes bankrupt, then a divorce happens, followed by another family feud. Yet, it might all be just coincidences. Why wanna blame an unborn child like its the incarnation of lucifer.

savante said...

Good for a story, life? :)

HOpe they are not, rotiboy. Just hope the mother doesn't resent the child for some inexplicable reason.

That's 10 days difference, sam! This one was seconds before.

Let's see if all that actually happens, tempus!


Bengbeng said...

Actually I look at it differently. The child will b much loved, no matter what. It is a child's lot in life to be loved and cared for. It is only when the child reaches adulthood when they show their true colors, then ppl bcome more discerning.

Hospitals r never nice places no matter how much they glam it up bcos ppl go there for only one purpose. They need help. I have been in and out recently the past few months. I try not to think of the thousands who have used the same stuff i am using.