Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Say All I Need

It took almost five years but I finally made it back - this time with Charming Calvin in tow as I promised.

It was starting to look like mission impossible. A year back when I bravely made the attempt, an entire squad of stern-faced riot police blocked our way. And behind them a furious red sea of anarchists raged in what seemed like an imsurmountable obstacle. Short of ricocheting off a slingshot from the nearest skyscraper, I don't think I would have made it past those barriers to the intended target.

Even had I made the foolhardy attempt, I probably would have been shot by the boys in blue or the rioters in red anyway.

Hope that we make it to the shrine this time!

Which is why I took the safer route around and avoided the proposed destination.

Doesn't mean I gave up on going to the Erawan Shrine. After all I don't make promises lightly. Five years ago I actually made a wish at the very same shrine - that actually did come true not very long after.

In return I said I would bring Charming Calvin to the shrine and so I have.


Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Fulfilling one's promise is always an achievement that brings personal satisfaction... Did you make any new wishes? :)

savante said...

Actually wished for a baby! Let's see if that comes true, kenny!

Lucifer said...


Ban said...

what a naughty catholic boy you are!

Alex said...

Wasn't it un-Christian thing to do? lol!

joshua said...

... looks like divine intervention works eh?

time to get my praying @r$3 over to the shrine as well!

savante said...

Yeah, Bangkok, lucifer. I usually fly over twice a year.

Why naughty, ban?

Maybe Buddha's a believer, alex!

Oh yeah! Start praying! YOu could also try St Anne's, joshua!