Monday, June 27, 2011

The Chinese Taipan Wannabe

Never work for a Chinese boss.

Well, not if you want any semblance of a normal life. Unfortunately Chinese bosses expect to work you to the bone from morning til night, demand unflinching loyalty in the face of adversity - and yet pay a tiny pittance of the profits they earn. Don't expect vacations or rest days either since their companies seem to run all-year round ( except maybe a few days for the annual Spring Festival ). Unlike the more enlightened bosses these days, they expect nothing short of indentured slavery.

Boss : Why are you not at work?
Worker : Boss, I broke my leg this morning at the factory.
Boss : How careless! But that is not a valid excuse!
Worker : But I can't walk!
Boss : Bah! I will give you lighter duties. Come, grab a cane and follow me! Hobble as fast as you can, we have no time to waste!

Come to think about it, make that any boss you'd find in the Far East - so you can count the Japanese and the Koreans in that unholy brethren of evil bosses.

Because they themselves put in the extra time at work, they expect everyone else to share their unwavering dedication! As Big Bicep Barry ( who works for the family firm as well ) once said, even their own chidren aren't exempt from this draconian rule.

Nurse : There's a blackout in the operating theatre.
Paul : Yahoo! No cases today.
Nurse : But the bosses are forcing us to remain here!
Paul : In the dark?
Nurse : Yes! At the front counter!
Paul : What the hell for?
Nurse : And the bosses tell us we can't go online or talk either! Damn the bosses!
Paul : So you're sitting quietly in the dark?
Nurse : What else can we do?
Paul : Sit together and sing songs of solidarity?

The poor nurses! Not hard to envision those dark unenlightened Victorian days where thousands slaved away in the dark, dank factories to service the Empire! So now every time I think of a Chinese boss, I imagine my nurses huddling in the dark waiting :)

Small wonder they find it hard to retain any staff.


rotiboy said...

Yeah not in a million years I will work in those type of companies.. Corporates are bad enough for me, not those with petty Chinese bosses who calculate every minute I work.

ooi2009 said...

thats is unfortunately the downfall of the chinese .the draconian rule is also brought to the children , it only explains why so many chinese are living in old folks home .Even being involved with a chinese guy is not nice as all these days ,if they are the cina apek type .The chinese must learn to accept globalisation and embrace the world as one , NOT THE RACE AS ONE .

ps :thank god my bf is an indian

pss : i am being quite nice in this post , lets spice it up .....savante ....lets oil up your mattress , can we?

Twilight Man said...

After 15 years of hell working for a HKG boss, you finally posted this to wake me up. I just fled last year.

quicksilverlining said...

i know what you mean. fortunately, my own work ethic is an unflinching "what's on the contract only". if they want more, they will pay more, or feel free to hire someone else. there's really more to life than having a job, especially if that job doesn't let you have a life.

Kane said...

It's interesting how work ethics differ in various cultures. Sometimes, i think a lot of it has to do with how Asia was left behind in the rece for world power. How we feel we must work harder.

sharman said...

hmmmm aren't you a boss too?

savante said...

Terrified to work for them too, rotiboy!

Cina apek type... hahahahaha. KNow what you mean, ooi!

ARen't you glad you fled, twilight?

I know! They keep expecting the most crazy stuff from their workers, qsl.

Yeah, I guess that helps to propel the Chinese businessmen to the top of their game. Don't think their workers like them though, Kane.

Well I sort of am, sharman :P But I'm not the overall head of the hospital.