Friday, June 17, 2011

My Friend The Spy

Loyalty to the company?

An old-fashioned quality in the trusted salarymen in decades past if you judge by the current situation in the cut-throat world of business and finance. With everyone looking out for their own, to jump or not to jump doesn't seem to be the painful dilemma it used to be. The young, well-heeled executives of today are quite willing to trade offices for the right terms in their agreement.

The Man with the Golden Gun

About a month ago, even Lanky Lex - who generally takes about a year or so to make an important life-changing decision - made the terrifying leap. Signed away the next couple of years of his life in a split-second - a far shorter time than he took to decide on what shirt to wear that very morning!

Lex : I'm finally quitting!
Paul : Finally!
Lex : And I will be working for an information and consultancy company.
Paul : Industrial espionage?
Lex : Not a spy. I'll be gathering information and sending them to the right sources.
Paul : You're a spy. How thrilling!
Lex : Not a spy!
Paul : What do spies do? Gather intelligence and disseminate.
Lex : Yes.
Paul : You're a spy!
Lex : Information and consultancy!
Paul : Aww. You can pretty it up all you want but you're still a spy!
Lex : Information and consultancy!
Paul : Can I call you Comrade Lex, my spy friend?

Seriously. Isn't information and consultancy a fancy name for a spy network?

Wonder if he even knows what he's getting into! Next we'll probably see Lex in a black leather catsuit shimmying up the glass walls of a neighbouring skyscraper to gather intel from his rival company! Wonder if they need a maniacal boss to stroke the company cat. I've already got the evil laugh down pat!


Tempus said...

Owh you meanie!!! I'm probably Lex in my circle trying to explain the straight things I work and so many Pauls to shoot me down because how I take things seriously around them.

but a spy~ sounds hot.

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Ooh. I wouldn't mind being a spy either. Uhm, I mean information and consultancy... I think. :P

Alex said...

You make my work sounds so glam! LOL!!!
Again, I'm not a spy!

savante said...

But come on! Surely it's spy work, tempus :P

Wouldn't mind being the boss. I can stroke a cat and laugh maniacally with the best of them, life.

Oh yes you are, alex.