Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Oldest DVD Pirate Ever

A conversation you certainly wouldn't find out of place in any of the local night markets in town.

Pirate : You should watch this! Very good.
Paul : Is it clear already?
Pirate : Yes very clear. Good subtitles as well.
Paul : Historical drama! Looks a bit heavy for me though. Prefer something lighter.
Pirate : Oh wait, I have! Don't go away!
Paul : Like where would I go?
Pirate : Try this situational comedy. Very funny! Romantic as well.
Paul : Cute actors?
Pirate : Very! Take take the dvd.
Paul : One is more than enough.
Pirate : Try this as well. You take one, I give you another as well!

Despite the draconian local authorities desperately trying to clamp down on such illegal activities, it's an exchange you wouldn't find uncommon here between our local dvd pirates and the customers here. Rather than a makeshift stall by the sidelanes, some of the more enterprising dvd peddlers - mostly mainland Chinese traders - have taken to the streets with their goods stored in giant canvas bags.

Having such portable stalls also makes it handy to make a quick escape when the authorities come checking.

Grandma : You brought a friend! And he speaks Mandarin!
Paul : Yes, but you still can't sell him dvds.

Except the conversation above was between me and my grandmother. Armed with a reusable canvas bag full of dvds and a slick sales spiel, my grandmother hobbled to my table eager to sell her wares. Turns out extreme boredom from a lack of work ( my cousins have banned the octogenarian from household chores ) and recently regained vision ( from her harrowing cataract surgeries ) has given her a new lease of life when it comes to the entire television experience.

Grandma has found cheap dvds again - specializing in historical Chinese dramas in Mandarin - and isn't likely to be parted from it anytime soon. Unfortunately the speech is quick and the subtitles are few, so I definitely won't be watching with her anytime soon.

Though I do think we need to find her a new hobby before the authorities haul her in for illegal dvd peddling.


Tempus said...

as long as she keeps them in the house, the authorities should have no right to raid her~

x-directorate said...

...that is one rocking granny!

sharman said...

someone's got connections to all the best things in life! haha

savante said...

Will definitely lock up the old lady, tempus :)

She is kinda wild, x-directorate. Occasionally says the most inappropriate things!

Thanks, sharman!