Monday, August 08, 2011

The Age of Consent

As children, we depend on our parents to tell us what's right for us. With very little room for discussion and even less for any independent thought, our parents act as literal despots who tell us what to wear, what to eat, when to sleep etc.

Which is perfectly reasonable since as snot-nosed kids, we actually don't know all that much about the world in the first place.

Once we're grown up however, things start to change as we cast aside the shackles of presumptuous parenting to embrace independence. As adults, we make our own decisions, poorly made or otherwise, with little interference from others.

Or at least some of us do.

Paul : Wait. Who signed the consent? That's not the name of the patient.
Nurse : Oh. Her husband signed the consent for her.
Paul : For a surgery? Is she incapacitated in some manner that she can't possibly scratch her signature on the consent form?
Nurse : Umm... no? But she asked her husband to sign it for her.
Paul : Odd. How sure is she that her husband didn't sign her up for a lobotomy? Or perhaps a nephrectomy?
Nurse : Hee hee.
Paul : Check the consent again. It might be for removal of wife.
Nurse : Hee hee.

Obviously some people indeed do prefer to have their rights taken away from them.

Colleague : The husband signed off the consent for a lobotomy?
Paul : Yeah, looks like she doesn't need a brain anymore.
Colleague : Stepford Wife.

In an act that would astonish enraged bra-burning feminists everywhere, this woman - no doubt brought up in far less enlightened times - allowed herself to be treated as mindless chattel subservient to her supposedly mentally superior husband.

Just surprised she actually allowed herself to be thus infringed upon! Having something as personal as a surgical procedure carried out on oneself without participating in it? Just lucky her husband didn't barter her off for illegal organ harvesting.

Then again, what can one expect from a nation that championed the ludicrous Obedient Wives' Club.


rotiboy said...

I think the awareness is still low esp. among the less educated ones. Some women don't even have their own signatures. Should enforce them to sign on their own to at least make them aware that they have the rights and power.

Tempus said...

who knows, maybe she asked her husband to forge her sign. I know my parents forge each others' sign ALL THE TIME. Just for emergencies I guess, I mean, they are already MARRIED.

ooi2009 said...


savante said...

Sigh, rotiboy. Agreed that has to be the reason though I don't see how that can still happen in this day and age.

Wish that was the case, tempus. But she didn't even know what the surgery was all about.

Agreed, ooi :)


Aiden said...

I thought it's illegal for someone else to sign unless the patient doesn't have the capacity to sign for themselves. But clearly this patient seems to be living in another era O.o