Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Instant Romance

How long does it take to fall in love?

Simple almost instantaneous answer for Fabulous Felix and his rambunctious hormones since he'd say a thousand times yes in less than a heartbeat. Falling in love comes so easy for some.

Not for me though. Like I said before, mine would be a more measured response in comparison. Lust at first sight perhaps but definitely not love. That comes much, much later for me.

Age and maturity? Fear and caution? Who knows.

Patty : OMG I have got to be dreaming!
Harry : A dream! We are in love and married!
Patty : After three fucking weeks? And in this poufy white gown?!

Perhaps a combination of many factors since Pirating Patty totally agrees. Dating one too many tall, dark and shaggys over here, she hasn't found a prince charming to love yet. But as it turns out Patty really doesn't have all that long to think about an answer since her new beau Harry Huevos has already made up his mind.

About el amor of course.

Harry : I love you, querida!
Patty : I'm still at the word like.
Harry : Surely you share my deep feelings for you, mi amor. You're my light, my soul, my reason for living.
Patty : It has only been a month.
Harry : Every day with you is like a lifetime. And I would want a dozen lifetimes more with you.
Patty : Let's go on a few more dates, okay?
Harry : You won't say you love me?
Patty : It has only been a month.
Harry : Sigh. Mine is a sad lot to love a beauty like you. Por el amor de una rosa, el jardinero es servidor de mil espinas.

It hasn't even been a month yet. Three weeks tops.

Seems hotheaded latin lovers find it quite as easy to fall in love as well. Almost at the drop of a hat! For a fellow who takes things slow, Harry has some pretty fast moves when it comes to relationships and the dizzying speed is causing Patty to get just a tad out of breath. Sometimes not in a good way.

We predict at least a marriage proposal ( complete with moonlight and a serenading mariachi band ) before the month is through. A wedding in spring?


the island guy said...

The things Harry says in the conversation are kind of cute haha. But I'm stil young so anything romantic seems cute :)

ooi2009 said...

island guy u look hot , we should hook up now

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Oh, I've heard of folks dating for a month and getting married and remaining happy for years afterwards. Whirlwind romances are possible. :)

sharman said...

it makes you wonder, what's with the rush. what kinda skeletons you'll find if you give it time? a good reason to make a 180 and run for it, i'm sure!

savante said...

Anything romantic always makes me swoon, island guy :) I'd never admit it though!

Pretty far away to hook up, ooi!

Will hope for the best, kenny.

Trust me, we're all busy digging for skeletons now, sharman :P Biggest snoops of all, that's us.


Mark said...

I think it's scary when two people both feel that way so quickly.