Friday, May 20, 2011

You Had Me At Hello

Or at least 'You had me at barbecued meat' for Fabulous Felix.

Ever since I've known him, I've frequently marveled ( and secretly envied ) at the light-speed that he falls after a lovey-dovey meetcute. Just one look is enough for Felix to fall heads-over-heels in love/lust.

Felix : I'm in love!
Paul : You barely met the fellow!
Felix : But his voice!
Paul : Made you fall for him? Is he a seductive siren on the rocks wailing away?
Felix : Oh yes he is! So sweet! So handsome! So nice! And he gave me barbecued meat!
Paul : A gift that obviously represents his heart?
Felix : And it's black pepper!
Paul : How zesty!

I half expect to hear an entire host of angels singing in the background when they first met! And possibly the two of them later sharing bites of barbecued meat in the style of the Lady and the Tramp.

Love at first sight?

Somehow though I have never really believed in love at first sight. Never have, probably never will. Sure I find the starry-eyed concept terribly romantic in trashy paperbacks - and yes, I do swoon over the mushy scenes - but I don't see how any such quickie affair could possibly weather the painful hardships of a long-term relationship. After all surely our judgement at the first meet, with our mental faculties already moonstruck, would be terribly impaired! All those overpowering pheromones!

My heart might go pitter-patter over a handsome face but my head still keeps a pretty good rein over my actions. Already knew my ISO for a long while before I even realized that I had feelings that ran deeper than just a platonic friendship.

And for Charming Calvin? Was it love at first sight? I doubt it was for the both of us. Although I'll readily admit the first gift he gave me did cause my heart to skip a beat. Just a simple beige and brown striped tie. Yet it makes me smile. Even now.

You had me at hello? Well, not really. Maybe several dates down the line with a hello again.


Life for Beginners said...

If this isn't love at first sight, then at least it's love at first bite? First bite of the barbecued meat, that is. :P

J-boy said...

Oh wow, I love the pic! Sexy ;)

And I feel love at first sight isn't true love, because you barely know the other person.

Tempus said...

bah for us its LUST at first sight. Love probably come after that, or maybe before that if both dudes met in a proper provisions XD

ooi2009 said...

are u really as hot as the guy in the cover ?

nicky05 said...

Wah!! Famous quote from Jerry Maguire .Cant blame him. Me as well fit in his shoes.

savante said...

Hope he enjoyed biting the heart though, life :)

That's what I feel as well, j-boy! Takes time to know a person.

Hopefully the lust translates to love in time, tempus.

Wish I was, ooi! If I was, I'd be a model!

Yeah, the quote from Jerry Maguire always made me wonder, Nicky! Didn't work all that well for him in the movie either!