Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Siti Maria Equation

Chances are in a gay relationship, both partners hold regular 9-to-5 jobs that often necessitate career moves that mean a change of address. Hence a certain amount of time spent in a long-distance relationship.

In my case I moved right across the Big Puddle. It hasn't been easy dealing with a long-distance relationship. Whereas I prefer keeping myself busy with dozens of new hobbies, my erstwhile partner Charming Calvin prefers bouts of endlessly emotional weepy karaoke sessions.

Obviously after several episodes of severe dehydration, his method of dealing with the stress of separation hasn't worked out as well!

So rather than drown himself in a sea of sangria while wailing jiwang sob-songs, Charming Calvin has decided to solve his domestic separation woes by sharing with friends in similar situations. Kinda a mutual aid support group for gay couples dealing with geographical separation.

Work was hard today!

Fortunately he has found a confidante in Jaunty Jared - who coincidentally enough might be dealing with a separation of his own if his boyfriend accepts the transfer.

Together they have come up with a dubious plan to distract themselves by ostensibly playing domestic maids with husbands in distant lands - calling themselves Siti and Maria respectively. Leading off with occasional arguments over the superiority of dishwashing liquid brands.

Calvin : What brand you using woh?
Jared : Must buy cheap cheap loh. My boss won't get better dishwashing brand la.
Calvin : Labour superior to Sunlight lo. Very cheap some more.

I swear even I couldn't make this up.


Vincent~ said...

ur bf is...... quite creative.

Siti said...

maria won who is the bigger Gleek contest and siti had to treat her cider...

nicky05 said...

can maria work for me one whole day and FOC too? .:P

Life for Beginners said...

Siti and Maria eh? Oh the domestic help role play scenarios one could come up with... :P

Mr.D said...

that's adorable

savante said...

Have no idea which one actually came up with such a wacky scenario, vincent. I blame siti.

Siti is overpaid dammit! :P

You can ask Maria but I believe he charges quite a lot, nicky05.

Never thought of it that way :) Thanks, life!

It's cute, D!