Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pretty in Pink

It was pretty, pink and covered in brown warts ( genitalia or otherwise ). And all the boys who saw it wanted a bite.

Short of having it come in a phallic shape with delicious cream filling, I simply couldn't imagine a more fitting birthday cake for Fabulous Felix. Celebrating another significant milestone in his life - all in his own inimitable way.

Queen Mary!

Which I reluctantly admire. After all Felix is just so very unashamedly gay, kinda like a rainbow-flag waving, disco-dancing Queen Mary floating in a tub of lube to paraphrase, without any of the internalized homophobia, irritating neuroses and freakish hang-ups that characterize some of us. Recently disengaged from a bad romance, Felix has been on the rebound... again. And again.

And again.

Yeah, I would say he has been... making the rounds.

Paul : You having dinner?
Felix : Nah, meeting someone.
Paul : Didn't you just come back from an afternoon delight?
Felix : Isn't it time for a bit of dessert?
Paul : Would this count as overeating?

Just as long as he doesn't bring home a serial killer. We all have our own ways of dealing.

I really can't blame him. Reminds of the brief halcyon summer I had after my first break-up. Of course back then without the shocking immediacy of Grindr ( where a quick fuck is just a simple click away ), we had to send emails back and forth for quite a while with the veiled pretense of getting to know one another. Damn!


sharman said...

shouldn't we indulge while we can? hehe

ps: happy birthday fab felix!

quicksilverlining said...

from memory, sounds about right for him.

Jason said...

Overeating? Neh...never for Felix :P

Ban said...


Life for Beginners said...

An afternoon delight? Well, that's not half bad an idea... ;)