Friday, May 13, 2011

Bricks for Charity

Recently mentioned on my facebook status that I donated a thousand ringgit worth of bricks to charity.

Don't be too quick to laud me on my charitable instincts! Unfortunately the seemingly benevolent act itself was begrudgingly done, and far from voluntary on my part. Hardly worth a cent of karma in return I'm sure.

Though I'm sure some tax returns would be likely.

You see, my mother has elected herself the patron saint of lost causes. Or at the very least she should be. For some reason her lady bountiful altruism seems to extend primarily to her more unfortunate - and far from deserving - relatives. Why the bitter rancor on my side? Well, fair-weather friends and relatives I can certainly do without, especially those perpetually clamoring for hand-outs.

Mother : My son, for all you give, you shall be repaid a thousandfold!
Paul : Really? Why, I see the postman coming! Is he delivering the thousand?

Unfortunately my ever-hopeful mother doesn't judge her ne'er-do-well relations thus harshly. Which is why they shamelessly keep coming back for more.

Much to my dismay.

Mother : Send me some money.
Paul : Are you in debt? How much do you need?
Mother : You're donating to the National Kidney Disease Foundation.
Paul : I am?
Mother : Yes. You're giving a thousand ringgit worth of bricks for their new building.
Paul : Why the hell?
Mother : Because I said so?
Paul : There has got to be a better reason.
Mother : Your aged auntie is trying to get donations for her chapter.
Paul : Good gracious, mama. The graceless aunt who couldn't be bothered to help when my father was paralyzed in a wheelchair? I would rather flush my money down the drain.
Mother : Oh, we musn't think of such horrid things now. Be a dear. Do it for me then.
Paul : Would this be in lieu of a Mother's Day gift then?

Budding philanthropist I decidedly am not. Perhaps I am being mean - but I don't see why I should bother helping a faithless relative who didn't bother lifting a finger to help when my family was in need!


Life for Beginners said...

Charity is still charity, given its positive outcomes, even if the giving was somewhat, uhm, coerced? :)

quicksilverlining said...

learn to say no, doctor.

ESPECIALLY when it's from your parents.

sharman said...

ooo i feel your pain. unfortunately, relatives you can't choose.

fortunately, you still have a damned right how you treat em!

savante said...

Odd. Blogger resurfaced but the comments disappeared!

sharman said...

friday the 13th? *gasp*

Ban said...

We were all wondering how the charitable act came about!

Mr.D said...

perhaps she is trying to turn over a new leaf?

Tempus said...

ah happens all the time man. its like when they need it you have to give it because your parents are too nice, but when you are in need your parents are too nice to rebut everything back at them. The only thing you can do is, well do what you think its best which suits your bidding.

Anonymous said...

yeah , harder !in me !