Friday, May 06, 2011

Engineers Gone Wild

Engineers are freaks.

I can say that with some certainty since my boyfriend is one. Even my brother is one. And let's face it, with engineering being the default choice of career for most men these days - whether they like it or not - almost all of my friends are engineers as well.

What they do at work usually boggles my mind! When I think of what the engineers do in their nondescript cubicles, my creative imagination runs the gamut from crazy scientists concocting experimental disasters in secret labs to officer drones endlessly filing incredibly dull, mundane paperwork. Although I think their workplace would work along the lines of Dilbert.

Let's get to work, guys!

Still, I gotta say engineers are an unusual bunch. Totally fascinated with numbers and figures, so much so that it starts to invade their everyday speech.

Paul : How many days of leave do you have left?
Calvin : 8.875.
Paul : WTF.
Calvin : Yes, 8.875 days left.
Paul : Who the fuck says that!
Calvin : It's accurate.

See what I mean by freakish engineer?

BTW 0.875 of a day would come up to 21 hours for those who are curious. Yes, I counted with a calculator.


Tempus said...

You have no idea how freakishly calculative these engineers to be can get. I have had 2 friends who are the same geekies too, but they looked the hottest when they do that. No idea why,even they are straights.

J-boy said...

Haha freaky indeed..

But at the same time, it kind of turns me on when a man gets all precise and specific. Engineers are usually brilliant problem solvers, slightly grounded and not real risk takers. Perhaps being grounded in those aspects make them more wild in bed? Kinda hot!

But the down side is that they may be over calculative at times..

p.s.: i'm not an engineer btw :P

William said...

I'd hate to be in their HR Dept.

nicky05 said...

Nerdy engineers.:P

quicksilverlining said...

officially became an engineer two days ago. and yes, the work is a lot like dilbert.

savante said...

Look hot while calculating, tempus? I gotta see this!

I know! They can be such dull sticks-in-the-mud sometimes, J-boy. Quite disheartening.

I think the HR dept is mean enough everywhere, william :)

Very true, nicky05.

Tell us more, qsl!


Life for Beginners said...

I'd laugh but I keep track of my annual leave, replacement leave and leave carried over from the previous year in a spreadsheet... I blame my former life as an engineer for this. *sobs*